Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A US Marine CH-46 Sea Knight flies above flood-affected residential areas along the Marikina River in Barangay Tumana in Marikina City yesterday.

Boy Santos, Philippine Star

Harden my heart, O God, so that I can bear the human miseries I am seeing now. Is this a kind of sadistic act of a divine will? Or is it just a dire consequence of a collective reckless imprudence of a random human free will?

How could a gentle raindrop be so multiplied and disfigured into a monstrous force sweeping hapless people into their muddy graves and turning homes into debris? Are there more horrible calamities to come as when lightning and thunder, wind and rain would conspire in anger and vengeance in defense of Mother Earth or when Mother Earth herself would crack in fury and open her fiery mouth to suck people into her sepulchral bosom?

But You have destined, O God, this tiny planet as home of Your image and likeness. We beg You to continue to abide with it and deliver it from extinction. Do not abandon us like discarded toys of Your creation, as we run wantonly on our own volition and wallow in the quagmire of our selfish freedoms. We may not deserve Your mercy, O God, but save planet Earth, we pray.

Sal Y Cruz,
Philippine Daily Inquirer


And unless we never do something about it, the floods will return.
If the deluge falls at the middle of the night, scores will perish.


xtian1978ii said...

tama ka knox. let's hope we can restore what we've destroyed. we're defenseless talaga against mother nature's fury.

period said...

i agree with you.

be safe kuya knox

Mr. Scheez said...

Sometimes I just don't want to watch the news anymore.

Knox Galen said...

Xtian: This is just a prelude of the things to come,

And a prelude of things that I will do so that such tragedy may never happen again.

Period: Thanks dude.

Mr. Scheez: There's no use running away from the problem. We have to face it fair and square and let those responsible suffer the consequence of their folly.

engel said...

amen to the prayer.

let's just hope that mother nature decides not to play with our country again.

Knox Galen said...

Engel: I bet you my soul, the next time nature plays with us, many will die.