Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eon Flux

By human standards, it could not possible have been artificial: It was the size of a world. But it was so oddly and intricately shaped, so clearly intended for some complex purpose that it could only have been the expression of an idea. Gliding in some polar orbit above the great blue white star, it resembled some immense, imperfect polyhedron, encrusted with millions of bowl-shaped barnacles. Every bowl was aimed at a particular part of the sky. Every constellation was being attended to. The polyhedral world had been performing its enigmatic function for eons. It was very patient. It could afford to wait forever.

- Carl Sagan, Contact

The timeless days came to a screeching halt. Today, I spent my off with my eyes glued in front of the computer screen. Keeping a promise of a mother's day date to my mom, I ignored the urge to leave the house and just stay in my room to play Civilization IV all day. Resting a few precious moments after raising a white flag to boredom, my eyes shut off while watching the blue sky turn black outside the window.

I woke up in my bed a few hours later and looking at my phone, the digits tell that it was already past nine. A few messages in my inbox were up for reading but nothing confirmed my dinner date this evening. Perhaps mom was still in her boardroom meeting. An unexpected call for a night out was relayed by friends but I declined their invitation. I could not afford to go out and leave my mother alone in the house.


A few years back, one would find me performing my rites of reckless abandon in Malate. At this ungodly hour of the night, I moved my hips, kissed some boys, and went home to sleep in some other bed with a promise of fulfillment the coming morning. But tonight, here I am keeping my tabs of the things I have achieved today:

Cheating AI players in a game of conquest.
A five round orgasm in front of the computer recalling the best impalement I had.
And seeing people in my sleep who have long been dead.

Not bad to spend a long-deserved break.

But for some reasons, why do I keep this lingering feeling of achieving nothing when I did things to keep me distracted?

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