Thursday, May 7, 2009


Because horny times require some comic distraction.

Guys4Men profile circa 2006

Name: Dominador Labatete III

Nickname: Boy Angis, Alyas Baho, Totoy Kendeng, Boyong Kulangot, Mandong Supot

Hobbies: Magchat sa Bai Manila at Magbook-mark ng mga cute na lalaki sa G4M (Internet). Magbahay-bahayan Mag Isa (Homebuddy), Kumain Ng Bakal (Gym), Maglakad sa Kalye Dahil Walang Pamasahe sa Jip (Strolling), Kapamilya Ever (Watching Discovery Channel, Animax, CNN and National Geographic), Nakikipagsuntukan Sa Kama (Sex), Pumunta Sa Beerhouse (Clubbing/Bar Hopping/Drinking with Buddies), Mag-Ocho-Ocho sa mga Peryahan (Dancing), Makinig sa Aegis at Salbakuta (Soundtripping)

School: University of Recto, Old Bilibid School For Patapon Boys

Course: Automotive Criminology, Masters In Manggagantso Arts and Sciences

Nationality: Tswana

Hometown: Gaborone, Botswana

Body: Okie lang

Complexion: Morino

Height: Payb Nayn.

Most Notable Body Asset: My "Horsie".

Colors: Puschia-Fenk

Favorite Childhood Character: Boyoyong The Clown

Favorite Music: Aegis - Basang Basa Sa Ulan (Techno Remix); Willie Revillame - Boom Tarat Tarat (Cafe Del Mar Version)

Food: Binurong Tulingan at Talbos ng Gabi with matching Worstershire Sauce, Purefoods Tender Juicy 12-Inch Cheesedog, Piniritong Itlog ng Kabayo

Dessert: Halo Halo sa Tindahan ni Aleng Bebang, Kulangot Pudding

Drinks: Tubig sa MWSS, Yakult Ni Totoy Mola

Fashion Style: Pekpek Shorts, Ukay-Ukay House Of Fashion Unlimited

Accessories: Steel Bulitas,

Car: Malaguena Classic 14-Seater (Engine Tuning by Autech)

Perfumes: Clinique Happy na nabili ko sa Quiapo

Cell phones: Nokia 5110

Networks: TM Power To The Piso

Favorite Expression: Fuckingina, Suntukan Tayo, Itali Kita Sa Kama Ko Eh, Pwede Ba Kita Maging Toy?

Weakness: White Sando

Goals In Life: To get pregnant someday

Most Missed Memory: Nung blinoblowjob ako ni Tekla, ang aking ever sweet na yaya.

Fears In Life: Maging super gwapo

The icy air blowing from outside the window; the intermittent tapping of raindrops on corrugated rooftops; the somber mood born out of staying late in a dimmed bedroom whose noise is but an ear-splitting silence, arouses a person to seek a fellow companion.

In times of solitude, no man seeks to be an island.

And so I installed the peer-to-peer chat program MIRc tonight; tapped the flesh market abounding in the channels; bid for a soul I could share my bed with and hope that my physical assets would entice a fellow trader to merge his stocks with my conglomerate .

Two sexual invitations were extended. Both, were just stone throw away from home. Despite their profitable ventures, I chose the least troubled path available.

No ordinary human will achieve orgasm through symphonies of moaning, melodies of cussing, and verbal tirades of kinky words while stimulating the senses to believe the imagination.

The staleness of such method leaves a metallic stain which corrupts the organic functions of the body.

But I made it work to supplant my natural needs.

For what reason,

I don't know.

Maybe, after orgasm has been achieved, I am aware that having a stranger lying next to me doesn't assure of a real affection.

Everything is driven by supply and demand, whose market resumes again when another trading session opens.


Trip said...

hahaha. huli! pasensiya na magaling ang tracker ko at nahuli kitang online. hehehe

hmmm... kulay lang ang naiba ah. ;)

Knox Galen said...

Trip: Ayos na ba ang bagong layout?

Trip said...

oo. balik azul ka ulit ah. hehehe

Knox Galen said...

Trip: Ehehe. Wala akong makitang ibang template eh. Patulong ako next time ha? Marami akong hindi alam sa css language.

blagadag said...

i like the eXpressions. itali sa kama? well....toy na lang kaya. ahihihi.