Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Romantic Date

Dear Galen

A couple of weeks ago, I met this guy online. We traded yahoo messengers and I found out that he's interesting enough to sustain my attention. I was so comfortable talking to him that I gave my number so we could text when we find ourselves bored and with nothing to do. He would send messages every morning and I would reply late in the afternoon. A week after our first contact, he asked me to go out. He wanted to see this artsy bar in Cubao. The word "artsy," sparked my interest. And so I accompanied him. Suffice to say, he's attractive enough to trigger a hormonal reaction. Standing at 5'8, having a dark skin and lean body, I'd say he can easily disarm my defenses. He told me that he teaches in a private school in Manila. Astig nga eh. He's an English teacher there. He also used to write in a now defunct pop-culture magazine. Told me, lack of advertisement killed their project.

Over bottles of Red Horse Beer, I learned more about him - you know, the things he never expounded when we chat online. I mentioned that I watched Star Trek alone the other week and to his surprise, he watched the film the other day alone too. He was so worried no one would appreciate the film like he does, so he preferred to go solo rather than bore his company to death. I share his sentiment. We talked about many things, which, I don't share to many people I know. For one, my pastime at work aside from reading blogs (he's not a blogger btw) is to read articles in Wikipedia. The sheer pleasure of overloading your mind with information satiates my hidden geek personality. He's into fitness too and when I told him that I already reached my 115 lbs maximum lift in Military Press two nights ago, he vowed to catch up with me next week. Sweet.

We delved on many topics, including our sexual preference. I won't divulge to you his many fantasies, but his kinkiness turned me on. Bed-wise we are compatible. Thinking of his past exploits gave me a boner. Good thing, even if we've downed our sixth bottle, he never gave hints of wanting to sleep with me.

I'd like to think that he wasn't interested the way I do. That our attraction is but a one-way affair. But you know what, before we parted ways. He told me how he wished we could talk longer. It's getting late you see, and I promised my mom to be home before midnight. I went to the bathroom to take a leak and when I looked at the mirror to check my reddish face, I found him behind my back, wrapping his arms around my hips and smiling at me...

If only
Such fairy tales
come true.

A direct
reaction to the drill
I exercised last night.


gillboard said...

Funny, I never think I'd see you write something as cheesy as this... hrmmm..

Herbs D. said...

i dont really find this cheesy. more like, informative hahaha. this is good. i love it. :)

playing safe rin ako in first dates eh. i wont be even the first one to talk about sexual preferences and all that ahihihi. virginal ang drama ko LOL

DN / DeathNote said...

I hope this is our Tatay na...

All the best. :D

Kane said...

The thing with beginnings, something has to end.

Knox Galen said...

Gillboard: Cheesy as it may seems but hey, its wishful thinking.

Herbs D: Never akong nakikipagdate. Ehehehe. If you would notice, this is a fictional situation.

DN: "If only
Such fairy tales
come true."

Kane: In this case, a beginning is something far from reality. Welcome to my blog pare.

Jake said...

Idol ka talaga. Malapit na kitang yayain sa inuman....ahihihi.

Knox Galen said...

Jake: Magkikita rin tayo attorney. Hehe. Sama mo si doc. Sasama ko yung isang blogger na gusto mo pa makita. :D

HOMER said...

Salamat sa pagbisita sa aking munting blog.. :D

Knox Galen said...

Homer: Walang anuman bro.