Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Times In A Day Of Exodus

Day Two

How do you wrap up five years' worth of history into a single cache? The answer is simple: export it out of blogger using the website's convenient built-in program and the final product is a nicely packed .xml file that appears in one's desktop folder.

The procedure is easy. A press of a tab button confirming the instruction, a five minute wait as the document is being downloaded from the internet to the hard drive, a click of the refresh button to check out the latest update in Twitter and the whole process is over. The document is ready for storage and the blog, already set for deletion.

The series of actions from download to storage take a speck of time to complete, but the human toll of detachment is much more difficult to rate.

I have several copies of the .xml file seeded in every online storage website known to me. I also made arrangements to prepare the mirror site to serve as the primary back-up should the tedious process of putting back the old journal fail. In my desire to keep a life story preserved, I apply every chance at redundancy to ensure my journal's eternity.

Despite these assurances, nothing seems to work.

I remain as numb as the motherboard which process this data entry.

Asking myself the source of this unwavering desire to keep what is bound to end, sentimentality is the only reason I could give. Fear clouds my being. I dread too much of the changes that is happening; I worry of being forgotten - of not being known when I'm gone.

I'm scared that when the dust finally settles,

I might lose the passion to weave words altogether.

Was able to upload the old entries to a new blog. The stories are now safe, and secured for all time.

Permission granted to wake up from the dream.


blagadag said...
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blagadag said...

pabasa uli ng mga older posts ha lalo na kung malito ako sa mga characters. lam mo na pag wrangler na, nagkaka dimentia me, huh

xtian1978ii said...

pwede pala iyon. slow ako sa tech.

cobe said...

Hey just rediscovered your blog. I never thought I would read your words again. I look forward to catching up.