Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remembering The Shores Of Lucid Bay

March 10, 2009
5:23 AM

Got out of bed and dragged my legs to my mother's quarters. The last time I remembered before falling asleep was that the door was locked and she was taking an early-morning warm bath in her small, rose-tiled bathroom. Mom was already sprawled comfortably on the bed and waiting to fall asleep when I went in to check her out.

Mom: Nakatulog ka na?

Me: Huh?

Mom: Nakatulog ka na sa lagay na yan.

Me: Ah oo, nakatulog na. Ikaw?

Mom: Hindi pa, simula nung nagising ako kanina (I presume she had three hours of sleep after arriving home last night.)

Me: Tulog ka na mama. Gym na ako.

Mom: Maaga pa ah...

Me: Ayos yun, para mamaya maaga rin ako makakauwi. Ready lang ako.

I left her room to go down to the kitchen. Hunger was assaulting my tummy and I just remembered the maid saying the night before that there's a half-slice carrot bread inside the fridge. As I was about to step my foot on the first flight of stairs, a tiny voice stalled my legs. The sound was a mere whimper but I knew where it was coming from.

I headed back to the master's bedroom.

Me: Bakit mo ako tinawag?

There was a long pause after my question.

Mom: Mag-gygym ka na talaga?

Me: Sana... bakit?

Mom: Maiiwan na ako mag-isa niyan.

There and then I understood what my mom meant. It's been a lonely, sleepless night with only me and her inside the house. Utol was elsewhere busying herself with activities that any practical person would frown. Approaching mom. I tucked her inside the blanket, planted a kiss on her cheek and left the room to go downstairs.

My carrot bread was waiting.

Mom's words will always ring a tune to my heart. I will do my steel-bar lifting after my shift is over.


Rain Darwin said...

kakakilig naman, ibang klase ka talaga magmahal.

MkSurf8 said...

i miss my mom ;-(

blagadag said...

i really love this post and i would like to try that carrot bread, huh. kisses and hugs to mom. it's really nice to (see) read you again, young man.