Wednesday, January 6, 2010


After Mister T.

Remember dude. We have our limits.
Someday, you will cross beyond your threshold

Do you want to know what I'm feeling right now?

It's rage. It's some kind of implosion in my heart. You have pushed me too far this time. You have almost taken out all my sanity. You know what, I think they are right. Maybe I'm being too kind to you. I think I deserve someone else. Maybe I've been so understanding that you can't see the truth that I have my own needs as well; That you can't appreciate how I try to uphold a commitment which is almost nonexistent as of this moment. Would you like to know how trapped I am right now? I want to be hugged, I want to be kissed, I want to be taken care of. You have put me in a situation where there's no recourse but spell my own destruction. You have successfully triggered bitterness and its now commanding my confused thoughts. Good thing, nobody has ever discovered me yet cause you know what, I'm really seriously thinking of accepting someone else's offer just to break free. Do you still think about us? I doubt. You're too busy with your self that you have put me again at the back seat.

I'm getting tired you know that? I'm really really tired. I am just considering your situation that's why I don't want to strike back. But you know what, I already did! I hope my message comes across and I hope you take it seriously. I warn you, it might be the beginning of an open war between us. If you don't give me a better deal, what's the point of staying longer? I've been asking my heart what I feel, and you know what, it doesn't really have the answer...

... it only beats confusion and fear.

I'm tired and weary. You must shape up or else...

Post written in my old blog. Like everyone who loved and lost, I too had my days of discontent. This entry sowed the seeds of bitterness. Two years and several months after this venting, I found the courage to announce to the universe

I am free.

May 31 2006
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