Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Great Equalizer

An MSN conversation

J.Galen says:

to make sure Alfredo and Thalia
remembers how to be [agents of the assigned account]
if the body permits

Note: Alfredo and Thalia are from the morning shift. Conversation took place when I was assigned to the graveyard. Overtime work would make the Throatie problem worse.

The Babaylan of Popocatépetl says:
remember (kc plural)
ahhhh ok
i suggest u dont

J.Galen says:

The Babaylan of Popocatépetl says:
u get some rest

J.Galen says:
thank you

The Babaylan of Popocatépetl says:
cge bebe relax lang
u r doing good

The Babaylan of Popocatépetl says:
gnyt and byeee

J.Galen says:

The job requires my presence across three shifts. It means I could jump from morning to graveyard shift in the course of one week. Of all the people belonging to the management, only the special campaign manager - my supervisor - exceeds my exposure to the agents. I report directly to her. My job is to train people for the special campaign. I do floor walks to ensure the new agents follow exactly the clients instructions. I work independently from Team Leaders, but for a job position where anyone could do the work assigned to me, the line of authority becomes blurry.

I began as an agent reporting to a team leader. I was often assigned to be the centre's front- liner when new accounts were introduced. Sheltered from management responsibilities for a long time, the sudden promotion to leadership left me unprepared to handle a team. It was probably instincts that helped me accomplish the task. The passage from a temporary position to a place of higher responsibility took a heavy toll on my life. On weekdays, contact with the outside world becomes non-existent. I stay in the office longer than most people do. I had to give up part of my sentience, so I would become permanently aware of everything that is happening to the special campaign.

My superior once said - in passing - that she is grooming me to take her place. I don't know if she was merely trying to see my reaction, but the thought terrifies me. For someone who seldom speaks his thoughts during meetings, I don't think I'm ready for the job. The assistant team leader who took a leave of absence when I became her OIC better fits the job position. I'd be very inspired to work under her.

Strained by work-related thoughts and forced to earn bigger for the survival of a home land, the need to find a new workplace forces me to abandon the very thing I am most passionate about. The goodwill of the boss is with me and so is with my superior. It puts a heavy burden in my decision.

Satisfaction elsewhere being considered, I ask myself, am I truly ready to move on or should I quietly stay and endure this burnout?

Being on top of their promotion, Thalia and Alfredo received a refresher during their shift. Training was informal and most of the interaction was done at home. When I return to work, I will review Alfredo's performance. Aside from being a trainer, I do QA work.