Friday, January 8, 2010

Dusk and Summer

Hoping you recall the first time. The first time my graphic works went online. I found a whole cache of it. I found it hidden in one of the Powerpoint presentations I toyed a long time ago. Thought these creations were gone forever. I resigned to the idea it never survived the journey from one disk to another. It was almost impossible to know. The file must have endured the countless software reformat over the years. The viruses assaulting the desktop nearly corrupted my data. And yet these images were preserved: the sum of my juvenile imagination looking back at me.

Ciudad Espiero

Each picture conveys emotion. Like a prologue and an epilogue, the scenes were beyond a story. The abstract was drawn from a vision. How I was able to turn it into an art form, I am lost for words. What I do remember was the purpose: The desire to put order to a troubled age between boys and men. Imagination liberates. Everything was a source of inspiration: The mountain. The sun. The explosion of colors in the sky.

The demarcation between night and day.


How I wish life has better playback features. For these portraits now echo moments I wish to remember. In the twilight of my youth, I learned to tell my days with otherworldly landscapes. Sifting through these images, I wonder, would I still be able to recreate these art, or was it just a phase of expression bound to never be discovered again?


3D Modelling was possible using Bryce 2.0


Andrei Alba said...

so, what else can you do besides these forms of art.


the images make me wonder. and hope.

yes, true enough, if only life has a playback feature.

let the continuing hoping instead.

anteros' dominion said...

galing naman kuya joms

talagang turnilyo yung nasa unang image?

i love the last image


(tanong lang, kuya, anong bumabagabag sa iyo?)

♥ ruby ♥ said...

I like the 2nd one coz I'm biased to violet hues. :p

You can still create art, might not be the same as before but it is still your art. :D

Mike said...

I like the second one too. The picture's filled with emotions.

Keep it up, Joms!

Johnny Cursive said...

Fantastic. I know how you must've felt.. seeing your old works that you thought were lost forever. It's a rekindling and a reunion of sorts, isn't it? I felt really good seeing these works of yours

lee said...

these are great works! you're truly talented. galing =D

Galen said...

Andrei: I'm also expert in ways to pleasure a partner. That, I'm confident I'm good at. Lolz

Anteros: Nababagabag ako kasi tinatanong mo ako what's the problem. Chillax dude, cool lang ako.

Ruby: There are things you can do when you're kid that you can't do anymore now that you're adult. I used to write poetry before I found the door open to welcome the prose. Now poems seem to elude me and I don't know why.

Galen said...

Mike: Thank you dude.

Johnny Cursive: If there is something I am most thankful about my childhood, I was thoughtful enough to preserve things that would make me remember yesterday in the days of tomorrow. Stumbling over these images is a humbling experience. There's indeed a rekindling of memories.

Lee: If only these talents could be put to practical use. Lolz. Thank you!

Yj said...

Joms, is there actually something you can not do?

kabugera ang art mo... :)

Andrei Alba said...

hindi yata pwede magkoment na naman sa recent post mo? tama ba?

citybuoy said...

this is really nice! ang ganda. :D

Anonymous said...

astig yung Ciudad Espiero and yung Haulocoste. astig siguro yung feeling kung makikita mo yun in real life, yung bang, kita mo sya from the horizon while walking for miles.

thecurioscat said...

galing naman J