Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Great Turnaround

People are turning their backs to pick up the things they left in childhood, while I, of all the people slipped in and out of contemplation just to chart the direction I would take.

To find my place in life.

Because We Live In The Stone Age

So begins 2010.

Revive the plants in front of the house and turn a part of the compound into an ornamental garden. Relearn to play the Piano and perform Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Clint Mansell's Together We Live Forever on a cloudless daybreak. Cut down on food binging. Drink more water. Be more driven to go to the gym and drop the body weight to 160 before summer. Read more books. Watch more intelligent movies. Go green. Save fuel by turning off lights when not used. Go green. Cut down on plastics by carrying few things brought from convenience stores with bare hands. Learn to be bold. Worry less of the consequences of errors that were made. Assume responsibility of the household. Never wait for the utol to make a move. Sing more often. You have the voice. Drink less booze. You still dream of showing off your six packs while dancing on top of the ledge. Get in touch with your spirituality. Who cares if you begin to hear voices one day. Find a better-paying job. You deserve more for your effort. Get a license. Your loved ones may depend on your driving skills someday.


You're not getting any younger. Bitterness is beginning to coat the outer layers of your heart.


Andrei said...

i hope you will do all of that. especially that one-word paragraph.

go ahead and cut some slacks.

Galen said...

Andrei: I guess its time. This time I won't think about the mistakes I did in the past. :)


anteros' dominion said...

kuya salamat

nabasa ko rin ang mga bagay na matagal ko nang ipinapakita sa iyo subalit hindi mo (ata) talaga inaacknowledge na nasa harapan mo na

(can't help but comment, iw ould love to hear you play the piano!)

tulad ng sabi ko sa isang blogger--focus

focus lang po

and i believe magtutuloy tuloy na yan

thecurioscat said...

cheers to a better person :)

Padsiefoot said...

Love ha. Galen, aabangan ko yan. Pag yan di mo ginawa...

Anonymous said...

you never stopped to love.

however you kept on denying (because you want to appear strong)... you loved. always did. ^_^

happy new year, jomskie.

engel said...

may you finally meet someone who deserves your love. ;)

Galen said...

Engel: May that person still find the best parts of me. :)

Carl: I guess. But its the appearance that held me from truly realizing the feelings.

Padsiefoot: Weh. Mauuna muna kayo ni *toot* bago ko isipin yun.

Galen said...

Curiouscat: Thanks. Pakilala mo na kaya sa akin si friend mo? Ahahaha.

Erick: Focus is a five-letter word that is five times more difficult to follow. It's easier said than done. :)

lee said...

thumbs up sa lahat :) except for that you hearing voices one day. scary...

anyway, good luck =D

cio said...


nagawa ko ng sumayaw sa ledge tas may dumili sa wetpaks ko


Galen said...

Lee: Actually, we do hear voices only the heart could interpret. That's what you call conscience. :)

Have a great weekend.

Cio: Tinigasan ka naman nung dinilaan wetpaks mo. Wahaha.

ika said...

this is to a wish that we'll do most of these things in the year 2010!

ayos ah, nakahiwalay talaga ung love.

Galen said...

Ika: Dahil nararamdaman kong mas magiging jaded at repressive ako ngayong taon. Hehehe.

I hope to see you blogging more.

Herbs D. said...

HUGS. Lets start being eco-friendly before the whole world turns into Wall-Eish earth. :D

&&&& i'll make it all better by sprinkling sweetness into your heart :D

Galen said...

Herbs: You've always sprinkled sweetness to our hearts. That we should thank you for.

Take care always, my artist friend. :)

Anonymous said...

goodluck sa plans natin knoxxbro! let's make 2010 our year. :D

Galen said...

Maxxbro: Lets accomplish our goals together. :)