Sunday, January 17, 2010


"Your excellency, enemy forces have broken through our defense line. Field commanders are reporting advances in all major fronts."

"What else have they told you Muguezio?"

"Should we decide not to activate our civilian reserves, Forces under General Alderaan will reach the capital before spring."

Staring blankly at the huge portrait of his predecessor, the Kaiser appears drowning in deep thoughts. Half of his army was lost during the disastrous winter offensive and the rest have either surrendered or declared missing by their officers.

Behind the bunker where the military briefing is taking place, weary palace guards try to shield their thoughts of an imminent capitulation. All their allies have accepted the unconditional truce imposed by the enemy. Their cities now ruined by the war started by the Kaiser himself many years ago.

"I never thought it would come to this," says the Kaiser still gazing at the portrait. The huge painting in front of him belongs to Chancellor Proximus. The leader known for pulling the country out of depression after it lost the war against the Tuozo.

"And there is no turning back. What are your orders your excellency?"

From a distance, the gleaming search lights scouring the skies of his capital seem to resist the collective feeling of dread. Its government maintains strict censure and news of defeat hardly reaches the homes of its citizens. Only the steady flow of wounded soldiers and refugees give hint of what lies beyond. Not even the civilian servants are allowed to leave without the Kaiser's direct permission. Death of one's family is the punishment for such abandonment.

"Make sure the AA Batteries are armed and ready. Keep the defenders alert at all times. I don't want enemy bombers swooping down on the capital just when people are sleeping. We have been spared in the past but luck may not be on our side tomorrow.

"Shall we make plans to evacuate the city sir... er... Kaiser?"

"No. Everyone will stay inside their homes including women and children. No civilian will be granted passage out of the capital.

"Would that your orders your excellency." The aid was visibly disturbed with the Kaiser's decision.

"Tell the commander of the homeland defense to position his men away from the cities under our control. Military production has long been kept underground so we don't have to worry protecting them."

"And by the way, if you're wondering what these changes are all about..." The Kaiser turned around to face his aide.

"I've already a sent word that we shall not bring this war to the capital. There is no need for the citizens to suffer more because of me."

"Permission to speak Kaiser, but I don't understand what you mean." The aide had to clear his throat before he was able to utter a word.

"The batteries are in place should the enemy not honor my word. That's my assurance of destruction if they attack the city. But the truth is, the enemy is not coming after you."

"They are only after me."

Fearing the ancient nightmares on the march again.
The body feverish.
The head hurts.
No one will know
But Im letting this off my chest.


anteros' dominion said...

hmmm..hindi ko alam kung tama ang intindi ko

pero mayruon bang nagpabagsak ng defenses mo at in love ka ngayon?


Galen said...


Nope. It's not about romantic pursuits :|

anteros' dominion said...


basahin ko ulit

Herbs D. said...

so who's the new Engkanto? an old lover i assume LOL. gumawa ba naman ng issue hahaha.

amazing how you write so..orgasmic.

paci said...

were you sick before and then you recovered but now the symptoms are showing again..?
hmmmm...(feverish kasi).

MkSurf8 said...

get well soon =) ayan na ang enemies!

hehe watevah it is brotha, i know you'll win the battle =)

Andrei Alba said...

uhuy. ang sweet naman nung unang commenter.

gillboard said...

throat problem again?

hope you feel better...

Herbs D. said...

tama ba namang ibalik ang comment ko :-p hahaha. kurutin kita sa singit eh!

lee said...

battle of the body's immune system against the virus?

get well =)