Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quality Time


Would you waste your precious time spraying seeds all over your right hand after doing three rounds of self-pleasure?


You struck a bargain and brought four DVDs from Quiapo this evening. The porn actors were gym-fit Latinos in their mid-twenties. (and it turned you on after learning the tops barebacked their bottoms) Three of these DVDs you've already played, (and replayed) while the one that didn't work found its way to the trash bin. You did this without much thought about the 100 pesos you spent expanding your porn library.


Now you say there are better ways to spend your remaining hours before bedtime than wasting it on playing Galactic Civilizations, (while jacking-off during intermission) which you can never finish in one sitting. You could have written the final part of your previous entry (which takes two hours to finish) or headed straight to dreamland without waiting for the clock to strike twelve. (which is your official bedtime)



How did you spend your five hours of liberation.

Times up.

Its almost past your bedtime.


Herbs D. said...


daddy, i didnt know you buy porn. tsk. you could always borrow naman from me eh or download from the interweb. LOL

i wouldnt waste money on gay porn. shit. dagdagan mo lang yan ng 50 pesos, may Pollo Loco ka na! hehe

or a meal from World Chicken. or a venti frapuccino, or 2 beers from a bar, or.

meh, iz okay. HUGS

MkSurf8 said...

nagtityaga sa xtube at dudesnude. cybersex perhaps. lol

fox said...

tapos na ko sa ganyang habit.. hehehe

citybuoy said...

i find the number of things we can do to kill our daily allotment of twenty-four hours fascinating. haha and no matter how i try, i never have enough time for sleep. if we have 8 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep, where did the other 8 go?

red the mod said...

I never really liked pornography, or watching it even. Even when actors play it out live in front of me. I find it unpalatable for some reason. Even when I was younger, porn seems to repulse me to a level defeating my romantic leanings. So I choose not to indulge in it, lest my seeds be marinated in superficial auto-erotic actuations.

I prefer making my own porn. Hehe.

I have a video on the Genius of Pornography. It is a semi-historical academic look into the psychology of erotica and how it has molded social norms and channeled latent rebellions. I can lend it to you.

engel said...

i miss porn. =D

paci said...

porn library..i do not have one but thinking of starting one..
ex libris. hehehe.

porn is good. it delivers what you want.

mel beckham said...

hindi ako maka-relate. wala ako niyan. hahaha

i'd rather sleep sa limang oras. mahaba-habang tulog na rin yon.

word verification: sidlit (hahaha, itanong sa mga bisaya)

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

don't like porn. live show uso dito. buy one, take one ang mga performers. hahaha

Manech said...

I'm blushing right now. :) Hehe.

thecuriouscat said...

sa dami ng iniisip ko lately nakalimutan ko na maging malibog yata :P

datu/the wilted prune said...

horny! >:)

Jake said...

Waw dude. Napaka-philosophical nire pow.


bunwich said...

a good way to talk about porm... nice