Sunday, January 3, 2010


Words have no meaning when it can never be backed by action.

Keeping this in mind, you never profess missing someone then tell that person seeing your common friends over for dinner. You never share such story when you have never invited that person in the first place. Others may find it insensitive. I would see it as something ridiculous. There's no point in missing. What for? I don't see any connection.

People would never hear me say I miss them because when I terribly do, I move heaven and earth just to make time and see that person. Not to mention, I thrive in old friendships. Time weight nothing when I put bonds in relationships. Don't worry. No harm done. Its a gentle reminder to clutch your words like holding your own offspring.

Some people hold on to it like its everything that they've got.


engel said...


i was supposed to add something, but then i remember i have to think more positively this year. =)

Padsiefoot said...

But words can suddenly lose their meaning. It's not that they lied. Those words might have been true but an abrupt change came and now they aren't.

Haha. Kontrabulate lang!

thecurioscat said...


red the mod said...

Sometimes the inherent meaning of words fail to encapsulate the actual message being sent. And being non-verbal, valuating the latent message is often frustrating and even downright annoying. Especially if its just an SMS.

People don't always say what they mean. Unraveling the unspoken/ untold/ unsent is a struggle.

Andrei said...

yes, actions. however we thrive to bring sincerity to our own words, if we don't pursue any actions that prove what we say, it's pointless.

how subliminal the post is.

Galen said...

Andrei: Think of it as a clash of values. I tend to speak less or give complements sparingly, but when I do, I try to back it with actions.

♥ ruby ♥ said...

What if the person you're missing doesn't want to see you? D:

I got your point tho. As the cliche saying goes, action speak louder than words.

PS new reader :)

Galen said...

Ruby: That's the sad part. Personally, I seldom mention the word missing because I try to feel the wind whether it's blowing towards or against my direction. Hope you get my point.

Welcome to my blog. This is the second time a chick dropped by and paid a visit.

Red: Trust me. The ex would say he loves me when in fact, all he ever wanted was additional cash support to run his weekly life operations.

Galen said...

Mister Cat: Thanks for the talk last night. I really needed it. :)

Pads: We have a word for it. Consistency. Guuuuuuuuuuuuudmorning!

Engel: Hate to say this but I think I started the year with a PMS. Lolz

Darc Diarist said...

Hear hear! This is a sad post. But seems like you're on a good roll this morning. Happy morning! ;)

Anonymous said...


maybe sometimes people got used to being declined in an invite, they'd assume that person would possibly just say no. Though yeah, they could've ask anyways. Or maybe a particular dinner wasn't really all planned out. People reach out to each other and no one's really an event planner, each yearns to go out and thus express the want for a dinner.

But yeah, you are right. uhhhmmm...

Can a "I'm sorry" do the trick?

*hugs* please do know that you are really missed.

- The guilty one

Padsiefoot said...

It's not really being inconsistent. It's more like, you realized something is actually different than how you saw things before and you had to wake up to reality and accept them. Unfortunately, this includes a change of mind or a change of heart.

Galen said...

Anon: There were shortcomings on my part. But you do have to remember, seldom do I decline invitations.

And at times i did, there were personal and very deep reasons why. You were missed dude, guess this is my indirect saying that I feel bad I wasn't able to see you before the year ends.

No harm done. (hugs)

Darc: Sad yeah. But I have to let it out. Its for the best.

Padsiefoot said...

BTW, Galen, mukhang may hindi lang ako alam na pinaghuhugutan ng itong post na ito ah.


Pasensya sa bitter post ko. Haha! I was talking about words and actions in general. You'll know why siguro minsan pag nagkainuman tayo hehe. ^__^

Galen said...

Pads: Tara! Nomonomo na! Okay na ako dude.

Padsiefoot said...

Eh... will be very busy this week, including the weekend. After that, normal yuppie life na ulit. Pwede na ako nun. Hehe.

Johnny Cursive said...

The "I miss you" could've been empty. But then it could've been other things too, as is the fate of the written or spoken word that is missing a few pieces of context.

Optimism can get annoying so I apologize in advance.

Or again it could've just been empty, so I *hugs* you =)

Anonymous said...

true, actions speak louder than words. always will, always has.

Galen said...

Maxwell: In another entry, I will paint a picture of what happens when we depend too much on actions. In matters concerning the heart, wordlessness breaks bonds between two people.

Johnny: Guess I took it literally and it was a little off. This post serves as a reminder of what may happen should I combine my repressed bluntness and outright temperament at the same time.

Now that I'm back to my old, collected self, I have to admit that I should have exercised restraint in mincing my words.

Pads: Kaso kelangan pa namin ikaw ipaalam kay *toot* eh.

citybuoy said...

very well said. i like what you said about moving heaven and earth to see the one you miss. wish i saw more of it. :c

Galen said...

Citybuoy: Your partner had witnessed it. Though, he's not aware what I did give up just to see him.

Manech said...

Wow. Though we haven't seen each other, it meant a lot to me when you say you and several (?) other people miss me.

This post only proved that (I hope) it's well meant.

On the subject of words, well, let's just say I take it too seriously. In writing, I seldom feel that I can hold on to words, not because I don't mean them, but because what they mean to me at that particular moment evaporates almost immediately.

This is the reason why I find it hard to write poems. I look at them and they all seem like strangers once finished.

I wasn't able to greet you a Happy New Year, so Happy New Year. :)