Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Emissary

December 14, 2009

The Technohub affair has opened new doors to many worlds. Challenging the old order, the emissary sent to IBM-Daksh may have failed to secure the job offer. It was a dry-run: a portent of things to come. It's been a year since I turned down the offer at Boardex. A business data management company that offers unimaginable perks to its workers. I gave the slot to a close friend who accepted the job and thrived in that company. Now that the pressures to earn bigger is affecting my well-being, and the frustrations at work are mounting with each passing day, emissaries are given instructions to seek new lands so that one day, those who will survive the journey may find themselves in a better place.

Pinoyexchange, JobMarket - Reading job ads have given me the courage to exchange letters with head-hunters. Some were kind enough to answer my inquiries, while others never write back, even when recognition of an emissary was what I merely seek. There are many reasons for this move. Reasons that will be revealed in time. But when the home front is suffering from massive losses, (The United Nations has just announced an immediate transfer of funds from its emergency reserves to its central treasury) there is reason to panic.

The utol claims she has this English tutoring job that will start next week. Thank God for Koreans! Celebrations would stretch until mid-week until I learned, from mother, that it was only part time work. Say bye-bye to homeland security. At times, I cannot understand why people around could not see the urgency. Good thing, I share these trappings of responsibility and frustrations over our siblings with a gym buddy.

"Kaya naman namin mabuhay kung lahat kami nagtratrabaho eh." El Tigre confided.

"Pero ganun talaga eh, tayo lang talaga ang kumakayod bukod sa mga nanay natin." I sighed.

There was no turning back.

Escorted by two emissaries, I went to Makati to deliver my credentials to a call center known as kgb_. The entrance test was easy and so was the interview. The proctor was a source of inspiration. He's this dark-skinned guy with small eyes, (and he shares my nickname) and when I found myself in a familiar terrain, (the exam was about current events, US and UK geography and culture) I thought I found my niche. However, when they said that I'd be paid a sum slightly higher than what I'm receiving, I had no choice but to leave my emissary behind.

Directory Assistance Agent
300-400 calls every day
Below 15K monthly compensation
I smell a floor with high attrition rates.

"Are you sure you want to return to the rank and file position?" The interviewer asked.

If she only knew, my paycheck still says I belong to the rank and file category.

The side streets between Ayala and Buendia were a little less serene when I passed by going to the bus station. Day shift workers were rushing to arrive at their destination, while call center agents leaving their offices converged in groups to smoke and discuss the affairs of the night. The barkers were luring people to board their half-empty mega-taxis, but people just lurched forward - like they never saw anyone but themselves.

I was asked to go on a graveyard shift this week. With no superior looking after my back, I'd take all chances to send as much emissaries as possible.

In hopes that one of them will get noticed.

My wish is one of them will land me a better job.


anteros' dominion said...

ito ata ang unang beses na naimpress ka sa sinulat ko...anyways, i believe you'd find a better job. piece of advice from an HR friend, since maganda na ang credentials mo, go apply in big companies.hindi lang kasi ang pangalan ng kumpaniya ang tinitingnan ng mga recruitment personnel, kundi yung work experience..pati trainings..btw, remind ko lang na fiction yang 'sibbleger' ha..:D

Galen said...


Sabi ko naman hindi ako nagbabasa ng fiction, unless Speculative siya or Flash Fiction.

It doesn't matter if its a big or small company. Basta gusto ko yung environment.

anteros' dominion said...

ang tanda ko kasing sinabi mo ay kung about sa ahmm, sex, ang fiction story. LOL.

well, ganun yung nasuggest ko kasi sa premise ng post mo na kailangan mo ng bigger salary..check ko yung isang contact ko, baka email ko sa iyo pag nasa duty na ako

engel said...

having doubts about your job again?

or just unhappy with your current benefits?

Galen said...


One word: Burnout. Hehe.


Thanks sa info mo. Medyo malaking responsibility yata yun kaya di ko matatanggap.

anteros' dominion said...

NAH, hindi..i explained to my contacts yung responsibilties mo sa kumpaniya mo...wala akong alam sa BPO business kaya i explained things batay sa mga naging kuwento mo...sabi ng contact ko, you can qualify for team leader (ang difference lang ay mas madami ng konti ang mga tao na tututukan mo)..mayruon din silang hiring for (ano bang proper term), basta yung call center agents (lowest rank)..i still have to talk to some other contacts but i think yung unang nireto ko ang makatutugon sa needs mo

but then, kung talagang ayaw mo, okay lang.

nagmamagandang loob lang naman ako. (sa tulong na rin ng ilang koneksyon ko)

Galen said...


Thanks. Hindi ako na-handle ng calls kaya hindi ako puwede sa Convergys.

Okay lang, may sarili akong contacts. No need to help me out here. Nagvevent out lang ako.

iurico said...

need help? Send me your resume.

citybuoy said...

good luck, galen. mahirap ma-burn out. ilang beses din ako kamuntik nang mabaliw. i hope u find the clarity to make the best decision evaaar...

Galen said...


When I'm finally ready, I'd send you a text message. Thanks!


Prone ako dun, I try to fix things as early as possible. Ika nga, I try to be on top of every issue. :(

lee said...

mahirap pag na burn out ka na sa work. it means na you've reached your limit.

maybe you do need a change of environment. :)

Galen said...


I guess that's the reason why I'm opening my doors to new opportunities.