Monday, January 11, 2010

For The Rookies

How many blog entries have you written so far? Guess no one will bother to count. Not even you. You have spilled so many words and told so many chapters of your life that your book has become an open secret in this part of the world. For what reasons? A higher calling? A desire to connect? A need to share this eternal longing to be heard because talking in real life would never get you anywhere? You have left a history so consistent, its easy for your life to get annotated. And the strange thing is, the trail left by your quiet passing is like a jet engine plume on a clear blue sky. You might be soaring over the horizon, but we still see where you came from.

Once you were asked, what do you get from blogging. The answer was as familiar as your heartbeat and your pulse can never hide the truth. Eight years into blogging and boy, your writing has improved!

Lao Tzu said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Part of my blog journey - our journey - began with an entry I re-posted below.


Your old voice


Besides, I've known long before how free it is to say everything in your journal. After all, it's my own space and no one can tell me what to write or what not to write here. That is why I was quite hesitant at first to use this piece of technology. I know, I may never come out of this place anymore...

But things change and priorities change. Surely when the mad rush is over, people would start talking where they could expect a response. People (who are not aware of my presence here) would still continue to post in the thread (Pinoyexchange), sharing their fears and sentiments there (which I would surely take time to respond to.)

In the long course of time, one by one, we might abandon this space for the sake of the previous one we have. Blog is like a little "secret" sanctuary where you can express everything without many people noticing it. Someday, they would understand. Someday, they would have the urge to talk back to a real person, rather than talk to themselves.

Blog Addict
February 29, 2004,
Fullmetal Dreams


Andrei Alba said...

very well said.

i have been always asked why i blog and what i get from sharing people my thoughts, my experiences and my craft.

hell, i learned a lot from blogging. i learned a lot from so many people, from reading you and the others.

life is a continuous process of learning.

we never fail to see what has to be learned. it is just up to us if we are going to welcome the lesson or not.

blogging is here for us, bloggers, who want to express. most of the time, we blog more than we can talk to other people about how we feel. or so it is my case.

blogging has changed all of us. it connected us to each other. it let us see life in different angles, colors and sizes. it created a world where its inhabitants discover one another by means of digging into each other's realm.

i know you are glad that you have come this far. eight years and counting.

as for me, let me stay as a viewer of the life of a blogger who would like to learn from what you think and what you feel in the best way he can offer.

have a good night. keep on writing.

Herbs D. said...

its like a part of soul, it changes over time, shares every moment we've had-from the best & the worst.

our personal bible, i call it. immortalizing every magical moment we've had living. we're all prophets in the making.

♥ ruby ♥ said...

Wow. 8 years of blogging. :D Here's to 8 more! :)

Reading backentries helps me to gain more perspective/understanding of who I am now.

gillboard said...

and here i thought, ako yung inuugat sa mundo ng blogging!! hehehe

anteros' dominion said...


i almost turned my back away from writing because of one simple reason--nakatatamad na ang magsulat

but my sincerest 'thank you' goes out not just because you continue inspiring other people with what you write

but because you have allowed me to talk not just to the brilliant mind behind all these wonderful stuff...but also to the heart that gave some light in this side of the blogosphere

Darc Diarist said...

wow 8 years!

i love reading through your entries and i continue to be amazed by the number of brilliant people on this side of the blogosphere.

your blogs are respites. food for the soul :)

Padsiefoot said...

Ako kaya maging consistent na? Putol putol ang blogger life ko eh. Hahaha!

Multiply, then Blogspot, then I deleted that Blogspot blog, then Wordpress,then I left that Wordpress blog, then eto... Blogspot ulit. :P

So far, enjoy naman ako. Try ko ring maka-8 yrs. :P

lee said...

grabe 8 years! that's really a feat! :)

reading blogs has become a daily activity for me - my daily fix of inspiration. and i've learned so much from brilliant stories, like yours =D

here's to more years of blogging :)

Yj said...

wow... mukhang sa blog ka na nagbinata Joms...

had i discovered blogging earlier than when i did, mas pinili kong magdalaga sa blogosphere kesa sa mga gaybars.... hihihihi

joke lang...

here's to more years of life changing, inspiring, and great blogging.... cheers...")

red the mod said...

Blogging validates my spirit's need for comprehension. It creates a sanctuary devoid of the pretenses of social interactions, removed from the prying eyes of the judgmental. It affords that suspension of disbelief to a reality we can inhabit where dreams are possibilities and suffering a mere heartbeat gone.

I blog because I am a man of few words, whose social awkwardness haunts my very history. Because here I can say what I mean and not be rewarded with spite. Because reality only exists as erratic scenes in my consciousness.

Such a long time. Yet every entry as resoundingly exquisite as the day you wrote them. The memories may be distant. But the heart, rarely forgets.

Here's to 8 more years of pouring our hearts out on these hallowed pages!

loudcloud said...

eight years.

a lot can be said about dedication and persistence, more so during those times when inspiration is nowhere to be found.

yet you kept on writing.

your words flow aplenty and we, your voyeurs, became richer as you are.

Dhon said...

8 Years?! WOW...
i agree.. blogging is now a way of life.. it is through blogging that we connect and exchange our wisdoms, learning and experience..

Best wishes

Manech said...

Understandably, we find strength in numbers. I do.

But I also believe that it is in things not clearly quantifiable where value lies.

Your blog is so much valuable. For me, at least. (And I'm definite, for a number of other people too.)

I hope you know that.

thecurioscat said...

naging outlet ko ang pag boblog, I'm sure sa inyo din :)

rufusOmar said...

well said (or written). kudos on yer 8th