Friday, January 15, 2010

Holding Down The Line

Tonight, I will spend the sleepless hours looking after:

A depressed mother
A missing utol
A lesbian driver who probably skipped her dinner this evening.
A lanky maid who stays longer at the neighbor's corner store than in our kitchen
A five year old dog curled on a rug behind the big wooden door
A yellow striped cat nursing her 5 day old kittens
A grey bunny hopping inside a Balikbayan box.

Went to the master's bedroom to check its occupant. Found her under the sheets. She was peacefully asleep. The TV was on and the screen splashed macabre scenes replayed on SOCO. Quietly, I switched on the desk lamp and turned off the fluorescent light. Before going to my room to write this entry, I changed the channel from ABS-CBN to Cartoon Network hoping mother will chance upon her second childhood with reruns of Powerpuff Girls when she wakes up in the morning.