Saturday, January 9, 2010


The Kellogg accusation was heard all over the house when it came out of my mouth. What was shameful about the careless talk was it was within an earshot's distance from the utol. I was not informed she had arrived. Guilty of being insensitive, I finally admitted the rift that had come between us. There was no missing on my part - only spite, and relief that our mother wouldn't worry about the utol's whereabouts anymore.

Everyone heard what I said. I was lucky nobody paid attention. It was the painful truth. Even the utol was guilty of the verdict. Had it turn into a verbal clash, one would probably leave the house. It didn't turn into one, yet I resolved to go out just to get the guilt and pain off my chest.

But the bed was too tempting. I fell asleep the first minute I laid down my exhausted body.

The Iron Curtain now divides the two rooms inside the house. Nobody wants to talk and I resolve not to speak as well. This is how I will express my dismay over the utol's actions. Despite the harsh foreign policy I plan to impose, the United Nations still, is very pleased with my resolution not to go out tonight.

Hi anak. 2log knb? Mrming slmat n dkn lumbas. Srap feeling n d2 lhat tau s bhay 2nyt. Feeling ko am realy home. Gudnyt. I luv u so veri much. Sana ngus2han mo peanut buter at tnpay n bli ko sau. My mamon pa.

This is how the stand off ends.


engel said...

yeah you need the truce. if only for your mom.

iurico said...

three words -

Talk to her

Tell her where you're coming from and try to compromise by acknowledging where she is coming from.

And if this still doesn't work - slap the bejeezus outta her! Jowk lang. Pinatatawa lang kita.

Seriously, talk to her.

anteros' dominion said...

open communication

i know it's hard

but explaining your side is the least you cvan do to unload the burden

kung hindi ka pakinggan

tulad ng palagi kong sinasabi

at least you have done your part

dabo said...

... was here.

your nanay is sweet.

lee said...

a truce is just temporary. just like what like iurico and anteros said, you need to talk it out to have a final resolve :)

hope everything will turn out well.

Toilet Thoughts said...

Hmmm I admire how your mom tries to keep the family intact.

talo pa nya mga war negotiators natin sa mindanao.

And i bet, ang sarap nung peanut butter... may mamon pa! yumm!

Anonymous said...

Pronunciation: \ˈtrüs\
Function: noun
1 : a suspension of fighting especially of considerable duration by agreement of opposing forces : armistice, cease-fire
2 : a respite especially from a disagreeable or painful state or action

By Meriiam-webster online dictionary
sensya na dude. ngayon ko lang na-encounter ang word na TRUCE. heheheh. see u later. mwah.


citybuoy said...

mahirap talaga yan. sana magkaayos na talaga. pero kung di na kaya, at least continue being civil.

Boying Opaw said...

sabi ng manager namin minsan, "gaya ng lagi kong sinasabi sa inyo, communicate well..."

ano kaya ibig niya sabihin. english kasi. dumugo ilong ko.

soltero said...

now i miss my nanay...:(

Manech said...

My impulse is the same when I'm mad. I go out, walk, if possible. Like you, my tendency is not to speak; I feel I will hurt people when I do so.

And yeah, food usually puts me in a better mood. My mother knows it too well. :)

Hope you resolve whatever conflict you have with your family. I'm having a difficult time doing that because everything piled up; there's so much to tell on my end that I don't know where to start anymore.

Darc Diarist said...

'pag ganun naman sinabi ng nanay mo, you really have no choice but to give in. pat on the back!

PS: lol @ Boying Opaw

Anonymous said...

yeah, talk to your utol. tell her what you feel about what she's doing and remind her that she is still part of the family. :)

thecurioscat said...

nanays talaga, ang sweet nila hehe

well nasanay na kase yung utol mo J kaya siguro wala na epek sa kanya ano man marinig niya, sana nga lang hindi ganun

rufusOmar said...

i was once a marxist.
give her time man. she'll come around.
she only has two choices - stay being a marxist or become a realist. only time will tell. but if she's eating kellogs and shit, you betcha she'd switch to being the latter.

buhat lang ng buhat dude. :)

karla said...

i remember meeting an activist who had to go to hk and work as a dh to keep her husband and three children alive. nasaan si mister? nasa rally, nakikibaka.

i told another activist friend about this and she said "e pano naman integridad mo nun? pamilya mo nga di mo maayos? bansa pa kaya?"

i hope you and your utol get the chance to talk. amicably. it's not good to keep your opinions to yourselves and let this issue fester. and it will fester.

hay. sana everything turns out well for your family mugen. btw, am glad i found ur site. kala ko di ka na nagbloblog.