Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ascension Journals: Legacy

July 9, 2009

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
u saw my e-mails?

Knox Galen says:
read it.

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
u r doing very well as a team administrator

Knox Galen says:
thank you very much

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
tama rin ung judgment calls mo re: [insert name of account here]
and u have initiative as well
very, very. very good

Knox Galen says:
grabe haba ng hair ko.
told you i will never let you down.
and i hope i won't until my term of duty ends.

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
but... i suppose... u r sad abt the result of ur Diagnostic?

Knox Galen says:
not really.

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
lol term of duty ending... hehehe... i got a secret lol

Knox Galen says:
its a blessing in disguise
because the scores i've got easily persuaded everyone not to feel bad about their results

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
taka talaga ako dun ke [insert name of colleague here]

Knox Galen says:
secret. heeehee.
ako rin

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
nahawa na yata ke [insert name of boyfriend/colleague here]
ininireklamo lagi ng client si [insert name of boyfriend/colleague here] for being rude

Knox Galen says:
ganun ba

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
ano ang indi nila nakukuha na question?

Knox Galen says:
i presume the other shifts haven't had the exam yet
wait po
its Tommy's turn

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
they did but they didn't send the results
Kaie got it daw perfect
Starla 60 yata

Knox Galen says:
natakot siguro
anyway the guys had fun with the exam
and i assured them

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
they liked it?

Knox Galen says:
its just an assessment.
i foresee that you will use it for
hiring purposes

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
could u please give feedback abt it
yeah as a matter of fact, we are... pero di pa sa hiring... sa training pa lang ng new hires

Knox Galen says:
i will after we are done
should i let the new hires do it too?

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:

Knox Galen says:
i will
talagang tutok kay tommy ah

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
[insert smiley face here]

Knox Galen says:
narealize ko
the older ones in my shift act like the kids

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:
esp jose and ur uncle

Knox Galen says:
sobrang daming realizations ko kaya from doing this job.
and even tom
as a consolation they listen and they cooperate.
kay russel (fellow officer in charge) naman sumusunod yung iba.

The Dancing Priestess of Athens says:


If I didn't take a cab to work this afternoon, I will suffer a tardiness on the day I was in-charge of the team. It will be the first since the leadership was handed over two months ago. The trip merely took 15 minutes from my home in Santa Mesa to my office in Shaw Boulevard. Everyone was glued to their television sets (or dragged themselves along the procession line in Manila) for the funeral of the beloved president so the roads leading to my workplace were as desolate as the Grey skies above.

The moment I opened the door, a radiant figure welcomed my arrival.

She was rounded and heavy the last time I saw her.

Now that she had given birth, her sleek figure hugged once again her small clothes.

"Nagulat ka no?" I didn't breathe a word. My droopy eyes were just fixated at her.

It took me a few seconds before I realized that her unexpected presence is the queue to take my final bow. After recognizing her as my superior, I took the headset of a nearby office phone to order the pizza I promised to the team when my ascension was announced.

My time is over. The duties entrusted to me will be handed back to its rightful officer who has just returned.

And as she takes her place as the Assistant Team Leader,

the transition, which will be over in a few days will conclude unceremoniously after my return to the most obscure workstation - the most isolated on the floor where they found me long before my duties as a replacement officer was ever considered by the gods.


blagadag said...

take a bow while i applaud. well done joms. keep the pizza for me.

gillboard said...

binibigyan kita ng isang tapik sa likod... good job!!!

dencios said...

here's my sincere tap in ur broad shoulder saying, "mahusay ka. share mo sakin ang mga unknown names sa chat nyo."


Knox Galen said...

Awkward it may seem, but this is how powers are transferred. For the meantime, I'd enjoy the feeling of being a floater.

Thank you guys.

Jerick (the former Curbside Puppet) said...

congratulations! looking forward to more stories like that!