Monday, August 31, 2009

The Malpractice

Dear Diary.

It's been already three days. The pain is becoming more and more unbearable. I can't move my hips nor even raise my legs without groaning. I can't get out of bed. My butt feels horrible: My skin, feverish. I asked my husband to check where the pain comes from. He said my left cheek is swollen. I saw the worry on his face; sweat dribbling from his forehead. No matter how he tried to assure me that everything will be fine, words simply betray him.

Especially when he mumbled that my butt appears like its about to burst open.

I thought of writing this letter out of the need to spill something I may never be able to tell again. Hubby is on the phone right now trying to reach out the doctors who operated me. It's been his tenth attempt since yesterday, but the receptionist merely told him that the doctors he's looking for are no longer connected with the group. Had I known it would come to this, I shouldn't have trusted her word. You see, I spoke to the boss herself during the consultation. She said the procedure is 100% safe and the Hydrogel that they will apply for my butt enhancement is used in other countries. Believing her every word, I signed up for the operation. This is what I desired. After all, I got some money.

You see, I am a simple businessperson with simple dreams of being loved. My Japanese ex-boyfriend, whom I used to call Papa-san dumped me after 10 years of being together. The guy after him showed sweetness and affection when he used to court me. However, after five months of constant dating, I learned that he's already married and I was his number four.

I was so devastated after the string of failed relationships, which had a dent on my well-being. My fears were compounded by the fact that I am not getting younger. I felt so insecure. In my search for answers, I thought I was left for other girls who are more physically attractive. I thought, maybe, I should enhance myself on the outside so they would finally learn to love me.

Four years ago, I saw this sexy starlet endorsing the Medical Group on television. I was unfit to think clearly then after confronting the guy who made me his number four. I could not recall how I came to the decision, but what I do remember was the endorser's words falling like manna from heaven. Watching the starlet swerve her full butt in front of the camera, it dawned to me that I wanted it for myself. The next day, I went to the group's main clinic for consultation.


Many of you would say that my misfortune serves me right. That I shouldn't have gone to the ends of the world to alter what God had given me. You have a point there that I should consider, but please remember,

I am just human.

I am blinded too by my own desires.

The operation went smoothly. But to my surprise, it wasn't the doctor I spoke to who performed the procedure. It was someone else - someone I never met before. The trouble started as soon as the wounds were just about to heal. It felt like the Hydrogel they injected wasn't applied evenly. I returned to the clinic several months later. The doctor (who operated me) recommended a repeat procedure - for half the price. I resentfully accepted his proposal hoping they could correct the error this time.

But things only got worse. My butt got bigger and it's shape more disfigured than before.

Fearing that more complaints would only give a negative impression, I tried to live a normal life and pretend that everything was okay. The truth is, I felt less confident. Instead, I tried to mask what was botched below by returning to the same clinic to add more enhancements to cover up for my imperfections.

I wish to speak more but the chills are again setting in. This has been on going since last night but I had to keep it hidden for the sake of my children. I don't want them to see me like this. Had I waited patiently for love to find me, these enhancements would not be necessary - they wouldn't have been performed on my body.


Why do I have to find what I'm searching just when these troubles are about to alter my life?

I guess realizations came too late.

Hubby's now here. He tells me that we have to see a Plastic Surgeon right now.

* A faux entry inspired by Josie Norcio and her crusade against the medical malpractices of the Belo Medical Group. The words above must have been her thoughts on the very day she was about to be rushed to St Luke's for immediate medical attention.

* The Hydrogel used on Norcio's Butt Augmentation is banned in other countries - even in China where it is manufactured.

* The case is still pending. The Belo Medical Group would not release Norcio's medical records for dubious reasons.

* Remember Vicky Belo's very words "If you want to look like Boy Abunda, go to Dr. Calayan. If you want to look like Dingdong Dantes or Piolo Pascual go to Belo." Go figure why I'm throwing my blog against that bitch.

* This is my contribution to Josie Norcio's struggle.