Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drowned World (Second Part)

I went to the ex dance partner to acknowledge his presence, and to extend my courtesy to someone who responded to my calling when I was the one seeking other people's approval. It came as a surprise to him that I still remember the pairing we did last week. He tried to re-ignite the flame of bonds by stealing a kiss and planting it on my neck but I wasn't interested. Someone had already caught my attention earlier. Looking around to seek an acquaintance, I caught glimpse of an old friend talking to a guy near the ledge. We haven't seen each other for a ages and getting reacquainted was a better idea than letting someone seduce me whom I don't feel anymore.

"Huy na-tiyempuhan rin kita rito!" I nudged his shoulder which made him turn around to face the one who interrupted his conversation.

"Oi! Kaw pala! Ikaw lang mag-isa?"

"Yup ako lang. Hindi mo yata kasama si Coralde?" Coralde is our common friend.

We had a pleasant conversation despite the visible annoyance of the prospect whom I snatched my friend's attention from, but I knew something has changed. Surrounding my friend were guys I haven't met before - perhaps - his new pack after he stopped showing up from our get-togethers in the group we both belong. His lukewarm reception was a far cry from the time we used to hang-out, watch movies and attend Grand Eye Balls together. He was still in college then, while I, was barely exploring the sexuality I just learned. Had I not seen him as a kid, he could have been a lover. I could have proposed to him. However, in those days, he merely preferred to remain a fence-sitter - a guy who enjoyed hanging out with gay and bisexual men, but was afraid to consider himself as one. I respected his choice and waited for him to finally see the light. He did a few years later but the closeness we had faded away the more guys he got acquainted with.

"Alam mo ba yung guy na nasa tapat natin, tinataguan ko." I was pointing my chin towards the ex-dancer partner from last week.

"Bakit?" One look and you would feel that he was merely forced to accommodate my presence.

"Ummm... sabihin natin na naging kapartner ko siya rito before. Yoko, gusto ko bago naman." He smiled and then turned his head around towards the guy he was talking to earlier.

A few minutes later, dead air surrounded him and his prospect. My friend returned to his groupie and engaged them in a small talk. His prospect remained seated on the bar stool, waiting for him to return.

"Labas muna kami." He told me a little later.

"Sige, andito lang ako. Kitakits na lang mamaya."

And I was left alone trying to follow the beat of the house track spinned by the DJ. The guy who my friend was having conversations earlier finally left his spot - perhaps - to seek a new prospect while the ex-dance partner I evaded earlier has already paired with another clubber.




engel said...

Makes me wonder what happened between you and the friend that caused a change?

Knox Galen said...

Engel: I guess we just drifted apart. Don't worry, it was a platonic affair. Na-meet ko siya, hindi pa ako malandi.

rudeboy said...

Interesting title, Knox.

Famous faces
Far-off places
Trinkets I can buy
No handsome stranger
Heady danger
Drug that I can try
No ferris wheel
No heart to steal
No laughter in the dark
No one-night stand
No far-off land
No fire that I can't spark

And now I find
I've changed my mind

xtian1978ii said...

may ganun talaga. d natin ma explain o maintindihan mabuti pero may nangyayari talagang ganun. 4 lang talaga katao ang naging kaibigan ko na same sa atin. dko na dinagdagan, pero unting unti na rin sila nawawala.

charmedwishes said...

thanks for your comment sa blog ko, i really appreciate it. sana nga, makita ko na sya. okay yung post mo about sa ghosts, gusto ko yung topic na yan hehehehe...


Knox Galen said...

Charmedwishes: Pansin ko nga na mahilig ka sa esoteric subjects. Hehehe.

Xtian: Depende siguro sa bonding niyo. Malalim kasi ang pinagsamahan ko sa mga tropa ko eh. Before the year ends, magkikita ulit kami nung friend ko na nakita so O-Bar sa Christmas Party namin.

Rude: And for that, I'm trying to figure what fit ending should this story have. Wala pa akong idea.

period said...