Saturday, May 8, 2010


The Cory magic is Edsa, the Cory magic is People Power, the Cory magic is Moral Ascendancy. Noynoy goes back to those roots, making the people see again, as they saw last August with the power of tongues of fire, that the choice is an epic one, the choice is a moral one, the choice is a life-and-death one, and the numbers will come tumbling back again. Like a flood.

Like magic.

Conrado De Quiros

"The future belongs to God, and it is only he who reveals it, under extraordinary circumstances. How do I guess the future? Based on the omens of the present. The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better."

The Alchemist
Paulo Coelho

His mother was branded a mere housewife when she ran for president twenty five years ago. Her opponent said she is not qualified to be the commander-in-chief, she knows nothing about running the government. But the people were fed up with the dictatorship. They took chance at the snap elections to change the corrupted system. But when results revealed a rigged outcome, the people took to the streets what they ought was theirs all along.

Her leadership was mediocre at best. She is best remembered for surviving two bloody military take-overs, a major earthquake, a once-in-a-century volcanic eruption, a failing economy, and power shortages that would last a day. The government was toothless to enact change and the US Military Bases had just left to establish foothold elsewhere. But looking back into the pages of history, it was her government that started it all. We will never have the chance to cast our vote today if its not for her and the people who stood by her side.

And when she passed away last August, it was not only the skies shedding its tears for her. An entire nation was plunged into darkness after its remaining light disappeared. Yet, her passing marked the end of ambivalence. Those who once tolerated the lady in the Palace began to question her decisions. Criticisms about her excesses began trickling down into coffee table conversations. A nation is being reawakened. A force is being assembled to bring back what was lost among its people.

Now the son also rises. Barely a blimp in the Political landscape exactly a year ago, his stellar ascent is attributed to the passing of the torch. We all know that it was the death of his mother that began the momentum. It is the spirit of People Power which allowed this country to look for its roots and put to the highest place the person who will make us all remember. Like his mother, we know that he was hesitant in following his calling. His sisters were openly defying his candidacy and it took a three-day retreat for him to accept his fate.

It will be an uphill climb to reverse the mistakes of the past, and we know, chances are, he would fail.

But during the passing of the torch, we saw the glimmer of hope from the men and women who were willing to sacrifice for the higher purpose of restoring faith in the government. There's his Vice President, all groomed to take the highest office suddenly giving up for him to take his place. There is the highly controversial sister, who just several years ago was the laughing stock of the showbiz world. We will never forget her plea for action when an entire TV network mobilized its resources during Ondoy's rage. Lastly, we ought not to forget the nameless souls who put their faith on him to change the way things are done. Like Conrado De Quiros said, this is not just an elections, this is a battle to reclaim good values in how we are ruled.

People say that he is unripe for the position. That in his years of being a legislator, he has failed to pass even a single law. His image suggests a lousy, happy-go-lucky person; a guy fortunate enough to bear the name and as such, leadership was served to him in a silver platter. I myself has constantly doubted his abilities but at the back of my head, you have to ask, why are all civil society groups standing for him?

I too was a leader, a very weak one compared to others who ruled their classrooms with a sharp tongue and a firm grip of its constituents. I committed a lot of errors and relied on my Vice President to undo some of them. But despite the lack of leadership, I had the support of all factions. Not only did I reach out, the people who spoke in my behalf remained faithful to the things I could accomplish. We were united until the last of our days. Save for one who constantly never heeded my plea to shape up for the coming graduation, we all left the academe with flying colors.

I like to compare my history with two of my likely candidates, Noynoy and Gibo. Gibo has the brains, the will and the confidence to handle any situation. Noynoy speaks with doubt in his heart. Between the two, the decision lies with who is much stronger; who can lead us to the journey we all aspire. Yet, some of us must remember, the presidency is not just about intelligence and accomplishments. It's about the people you put into places of responsibility. When a nation loses faith with the people surrounding its leader, the government loses its connection to its citizens. A country thus become divided, people take to the streets to enforce change.

Gibo stands alone not because he lacks followers. On the contrary, his followers have swelled in cyberspace that they overwhelm others who have chosen other leaders to rule them. Why Gibo stands to fail are the people behind his presidency. With a divided party fearing the coming of change, how can he lead the country when the people have no faith in his men?

Compare Gibo with Noynoy's Liberal Party, and one - who observes well - will immediately spot the difference. Guided by an emeritus who have worked all his life to become a true statesman, you know the President is in good hands. The people behind his presidency are simple folks - who only dreams for the good of the country. There is Abad, Robredo, Hontiveros, Acosta and Roxas. The most sensible columnists, headed by Conrado De Quiros and Randy David have also placed their belief in him. The business sector, distrustful of GMA and Villar have also pronounced their support for Noynoy. Counting the artists and celebrities, (who probably feel more disgusted with Willie Revillame than Kris) and you know, something powerful is massing behind Aquino.

I try not to overthink why I should vote for Noynoy, but the sway of Gibo's people has somehow blurred my vision. Personal doubts aside, I would rather put my trust on someone who will dare not to tarnish a name already sanctified in the annals of history. I cannot see someone failing so many voices when he knows, he owes much to these believers the reason why he leads the surveys in the first place.

And should I rethink - for the last time - the pulse of my conscience, there is always the omen which foretells one of the most promising chapters of our generation.

August 5, 2009
A month before someone thought Noynoy should run for President
Two months before his candidacy was announced.

Looking at a hindsight, it was I who saw his becoming.


Elias Jayson said...

ikaw na ang oracle! haha :)

your posts always remind me of a kind-hearted Conrado de Quiros :)

enjoyed reading ser.

Mu[g]en said...


Conrado De Quiros is my idol. Hahaha! Thanks man!

Elias Jayson said...

gaya gaya ka. idol ko yun pati si patricia evangelista. grrr. :)

red the mod said...

As he is mine. The irreverent wit, the understated elegance, the composed argumentation, de Quiros writes as if its as natural as breathing. Effortless, purposeful, and always exquisitely phrased.

Naalala ko tuloy yung Cory series ko. Have a great time tonight.

~Carrie~ said...

Nawa'y mging mapayapa at Malaya ang halalan bukas. Nanonood ang buong mundo sa makasaysayang event na ito.