Thursday, May 20, 2010


Walking out from an SEB after the guy said he doesn't kiss, Mister Deja Vu came into the picture by sending a text message out of the blue:

"Mugs dinner tau! Chicksilog... hehe. Bhay ka na? Ako e2 maaga nakauwi... Nice! Ingats! Mwah!"

We sent a text message happily acknowledging his kindly gesture.

"Thanks kaen rin ako pagdating sa haws. Hope I can go out wid u dis weekend. Hehe."

Normally, Mister Deja Vu never returns our text message leaving us hanging and longing for answers. But this time however:

"Yeah, let's have a date mugs. Saturday?"

Though we never consider going out with someone a date, we remember how the previous hang outs had a wonderful ending.

"I'll save the day. Miss hugging you."

Much as it hurts to receive no reply, we are thinking of disarming ourselves from Planet Romeo and wait for his next move. For no matter how informal and non-committal our friendly relationship is, we cannot deny that his influence still affects us in ways only a lover would.

Can't stop thinking bout the things we do
And how it feels making love to you
I'm ready to get it baby
If you got to dish out
Just love me for a little while

Janet Jackson
Just A Little While


~Carrie~ said...

Una sa balita! Una sa comment! Hahaha!

I don't easily disarm myself to someone who considers me as an option. But yeah, we let our guard down for someone we care, whether or not the circumstances are favorable, because they've already made an impact in our lives eh.

Yj said...

we might detach ourselves from a lot of things and people but we never detach from the hope that one day, someone.....

red the mod said...

I wish you happiness my friend. The kind that defies reason, fails logic, replaces order, heals the history, and reminds of the future.

SOLTERO said...

in my experience, i only leave people hanging if they are not important to me.

he gets to take you for granted because you are always available everytime he needs your company. sometimes even if it hurts, try to say maybe some other time because i have other things to do.

gillboard said...

good luck!!!