Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Trouble With Deja Vu

The moment he starts sending text messages everyday,
and the day he becomes eager to accept your sleep over

The more you introduce him to friends as your "tropa,"
As he begins calling your mother "mama:"

When you discover more and more things in common;
which reminds you more and more of him:

Watch your heart dude.

You can deny thinking of Mister Deja Vu when he is not around.
But within, you are beginning to recognize

That his presence disarms you,
inspires you, and
distracts you in ways
only a future lover would.


red the mod said...

The question now is, would you have it any other way?

When his touch feeds your flames, when his musk intoxicates. When you know that the most enticing part of it all is that you can never have him fully. Listen, maybe the dialectic needs a revisit, and the compromise may not be so surprising.

He has the most attractive perfume there is. And it's called unavailable.

anteros' dominion said...

buo ang puso nang ito'y nilikha

at hindi kalahati lamang

at bagamat ang puso ang naatasang makadama

kailangang tandaan

hindi ito tuluyang makadarama

kapag ang utak

ay isinantabi lamang

JR said...

WTF - LOVE month ba ngayon? pagkatapos ng manyak posts, jakol posts - lahat nag emo tapos ngayon naman puro finding love? magugunaw ang mundo pag na inlove tayong tatlo nina Soltero hahaha

gillboard said...

is it wrong to be disarmed, inspired and distracted...

anyway, yeah, seems like the blogworld's sharing one mind these days... hehe

SOLTERO said...

oh yeah Mugen - i'm looking for my own Mister Deja Vu ahahhaha :P

john stanley said...

think less. feel more. dream again, dear mugen.

~Carrie~ said...

I'm releived to feel na hindi lang ako nakakaramdam ng need to have a partner. May mga karamay ako! Yipee!

Ang ganda ng metaphor ni red: He has the most attractive perfume there is. And it's called unavailable.

Matulain pala itong si anteros. Medyo di-magana ang musa ko, anteros, can i have some of your juices? The creative ones, i mean.

Elias Jayson said...

so ikaw na ang may 'it's complicated' thing. lol

thecuriouscat said...

maybe it's time to destroy the walls you built around yourself and start anew with the person

Yj said...

patay ka kuya... hihihihi


Aris said...

walang masama kung muling mangarap at maniwala. yun nga lang, konting ingat, kaibigan. :)