Friday, May 28, 2010

A Social Experiment Pt. 4

It is easy to understand the logic:

Keep an online profile on a dating website and you have an endless choice of men to choose from. Whether to date, to flirt, to talk, to befriend, to sleep with, the entire city is just a click away.

They come and go though, after they get bored and tired with you. You also feel the same way.

Everyone is dispensable.

But when you are looking for someone who stays behind. Someone you could place some value because time has already forged your bond. Someone you would want to stick with because the choice is nothing. Someone you could get to see beyond imperfections because you have already adored its beauty, then it is better to pack up and leave Planet Romeo behind.

I have always put my trust that the best offer I could give to a potential partner is the belief that he is the only one. No rivals, no sideshows, just the plain, imperfect him. If I would stick to my religion and open my mind to the possibilities

of having someone

I would rather let him know that he found me in the strangest of terrains. Beyond Malate, beyond Blog, and beyond the online realms, if ever I will be found, my wish is that it would purely be accidental.

The Social Experiments are now complete. One last eyeball and I'd begin the countdown to the deletion of my Planet Romeo account.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your social experiment.


Nimmy said...

"purely be accidental."

Mukhang mahirap yan ah. pero dahil wish mo yan, GO GO GO! The Secret-ize mo yan :)

Guyrony said...

And I'm supporting all throughout.

I wish you get to learn a lot with this one.

Mu[g]en said...


The month-ender entry will reveal the reasons for everything. So is the possibility of a new beginning.


The Social Experiment Pt. 3 was actually inspired by you and Leo. :)


I have learned things a long time ago, its just that I want to verify my earlier studies.

SOLTERO said...

i was about to comment that for some people, the social sites do work (like nimmy & leo).

but for the most part, its just for people looking to flirt and for some quick lay.

saan ba talaga makakahanap ng true love? ahhaha :P

JR said...

when its the right time namam, kahit saan matatagpuan mo ang true love ;-)

Mu[g]en said...


Question is, meron ba talaga nun. Hahaha. Baka suntok sa buwan lang ang mangarap.


Aysus, nagsalita! Paano kung true love ka ni intsik. Papayag ka ba? Haha!

arkin said...


@soltero: i think dito sa blog world, pwede makahanap ng true love. HAHAHA.

~Carrie~ said...

I'll wait for the month end blog entry. :)

Anonymous said...

Assuming true love is a rare commodity, basic economics would tell na ang price nito would be sky rocketing and would stay there for good.

Assuming sex is a common commodity, mura lang ito, minsan freebies na lang.

Speaking of sex as a commodity, napansin ko na wala palang regulatory board na kumokontrol sa flow ng market. Lahat ng nag-aalok ng free sex, nagke-claim na dumaan sila sa quality assurance - certified gwapo, hunky, masarap, masculine etc- lahat may kanya kanyang standards. pero tayo as an individual, we have to doubt the way they conduct their quality assurance.

pero like money and morals, sex & love have value kasi binibigyan natin sila ng value.

ikotoki said...

Ayus. Goodluck sir.