Monday, May 24, 2010

Inside Looking Out

I adore your writing.
Sometimes, when I craft my own words,
I feel the emptiness knowing
your letters are not there anymore.

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu

And when I return to that same spot by the river at exactly the same time when the sun is about to set; when I sit on the pavement where we both rested our weary feet and made a pact for tomorrow; when the sky turns pale blue and the river's currents carry the wandering lotuses toward the sea,

there and then, alone and by myself,

will I hear our voices being echoed by the same water ripples resonating our memory.

"Alam mo, bihira ko lang gawin to... Ang maglakad ng sobrang layo na may kasama. I swear, this is out of the ordinary. Alam mo kung bakit? Madalas may nakakasama lang ako sa inuman or gimmick, pero this? Heto yatang ginawa natin ang closest sa ideal kong lakad. Hindi ko ito malilimutan..."

"Ano kayang feeling na maglakad diyan?" He was pointing at the abandoned Sugar Refinery across the river. "May mga mumu kaya diyan?"

"Balang araw ay magiging extension rin yan ng Rockwell," pointing out at the same abandoned refinery. "Magtatayo sila ng tulay sa ilog." I replied a little later.

"Would you believe that no sunsets are alike?"

"Ano yun parang kidlat, it doesn't strike twice?"

"Lightning can strike twice kala mo ba?"

Though the conversation started the moment I saw him waiting outside the lobby of the building, I couldn't exactly recall now (while writing this) what were our topic or topics during those time we were near the river. There were moment of silence, of course.

- Starbuckoroo: Ako at Si No Ordinary Morning

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