Thursday, May 6, 2010


He was the face of the administration when Ondoy drowned a sleeping metropolis. The government was caught off-guard. Even the president was reported boarding the LRT from Mendiola just to get to Camp Aguinaldo to personally assess the situation. Hundreds of thousands of people were trapped on rooftops of their submerged homes. Some were stuck in chest-deep waters where deadly currents could sweep them at anytime. A handful clung to flotsam for dear life. Horrified witnesses caught on video these forsaken souls while being tossed and turned on swollen rivers. These were the bodies found half buried in mud and trash and on trees and under the bridge days after the waters have subsided.

Newsmen were desperate for answers. Being the man for the job, he assured a panic-stricken nation that the government is doing its best to address the people's needs. He was recently appointed Defense Secretary at that time: The anointed one of a very unpopular leader. Though fairly new to the glare of spotlight, his cool and calm approach despite under pressure earned him some trust points from the populace.

His rise to power was swift and steady. Months after the Ondoy tragedy, he rallied his party against the ringleaders of the Maguindanao Massacre. He was seen on camera talking to the widower of the Mangudadatus. His offer of an alliance was tempting to the victims. An agreement was sealed. Soon, the mastermind of the Ampatuans was taken into custody and was flown into the capital.

An enraged nation was somehow appeased.

The first time he spoke during a televised debate, his eloquence in expressing his opinions won the hearts of many. He was seen as an intelligent guy who talks sense. Even his political ads which are devoid of any celebrities send the message clear: His will be an efficient government. He will never sugarcoat the issues and deals them head on.

Though gifted with a sharp tongue, his campaign was marred by huge setbacks. Belonging to the administration party should have given him the political machinery that would have been the envy of other candidates. He could have toured the country with the goodwill of local leaders. Instead, his party mates bolted left and right like rats jumping from a sinking ship. Rumors of a secret candidate being endorsed by his boss had almost left him without any means of support. Some party mates even thought of dropping him as the standard bearer. The reason may have escaped me now, but the idea was floated by the house speaker who did nothing but serve as the lapdog of the president.

With failing survey ratings, a vice-president who almost quitted at the middle of the campaign, sorties without a budget and a fragmented party who basically dropped him as their standard bearer, one will find it very ennobling for Gibo to have endured a losing fight. His vision never faltered. His followers continue to back him without ever thinking the people behind his presidency. Their calls for support now rival those from the Yellow and Red Presidents. Passions may run high, but we all know,

Gibo stands alone.

Twice, I have thought of dropping my support for the other candidate because of some shared values with number 8. Asked why he continues to stick with the most unpopular president this country has ever had and his only answer was "because I cannot turn my back to the one person who gave me a break." You will never find loyalties as priceless as that. The other day, he said elections must push through on May 10 because delaying it will result in bloodshed across the country. Reading between the lines, you know he was willing to give up more time to campaign just to ensure everyone's expectations will be delivered.

Gibo is the anointed one of the favorite aunt. She has chosen Gibo not only because he is brilliant but because among all the Presidential candidates, he is the only one who never maligned another just to get sympathy votes. Whenever we get to talk, I make sure to follow her line of thinking. But the truth however is far from what she believes.

The huge black shadow that looms behind his figure will always be the reason why I cannot give my support to Gibo. Standing tall even without her physical presence, the lady from the Palace will always have a say should this candidate wins the presidency. Nine years of Gloria is enough. Gibo may try varied ways to avoid the kiss of death.

But I am one with the nation in seeing the truth.

Numbers never feel, that's what Mami Athena said during the management seminar. Survey shows he remain at the fourth spot. It's a sorry sight knowing he could have been on top - had he crafted his political plans well. In my vision of the next government, I only see Gibo merely as a Senator or a Cabinet Member. He may have inspired a portion of the voting population, but never he could heal the broken soul of the nation.

Thus, my vote goes to another candidate.

Gibo will have his calling in another lifetime.


Anonymous said...

this time i'm taking the side of your favorite aunt over yours, knox. :)

there's still hope for all of us.

take care!

one of your avid readers... :)

anteros' dominion said...

may point ang tiyahin

too bad he's the sacrificial lamb

gillboard said...

in fairness to him, he's actually one of the more eloquent among all the candidates... if only he's not being shadowed by his party, i'd have chosen him to be my president as well.. sharing the same first name and all...

Anonymous said...

at first i thought you will vote for g1bo. but i respect your choice. just remember to vote for somebody whose VISION equals HIS ABILITIES.

and what scared me to vote for the other candidate are the numbers 9380 9 years in congress, 3 in senate, 8 bills passed and 0 turned into a law. and don't get me started with her sister. :D

anyway that's my opinion and i still love reading your blog :D

Carabrant said...

"Gibo stands alone."

- He IS a stubborn and arrogant man who will not listen, and it scares me.

Ronnie said...

Nice entry, Galen. Whoever bags the highest position, I hope we Filipinos should give a support and trust their capability. Methinks this is a start of our political maturity.

And oh, I am for Gibo. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting the fact that Gibo's claim to fame was a call to action not only once, but thrice when his country needed his skills the most. And by responding to each one of them he proved to a lot of his supporters that he is up for the top executive's job.

He manages a crisis well, as proven by his handling of the Ondoy disaster. He manages a conflict well, as proven by his handling of the Maguindanao tempest. And finally, through a positive and clean campaign, he has proven that he manages himself well, not giving in to the temptation of joining a rabble of pretentious pricks whose only claim to fame is either a famous set of parents or entrenched political and social megalomania.

I'd rather gamble on someone who has shown me time and time again that action can effect something good. Someone who inspires by his accomplishments, than someone who covers the lack of it by paid surveys and cheap endorsements.

I respect your opinion about Gibo, and absolutely respect your right to choose whom to vote for. But by simplifying your reason (and vote) by basing it on nothing more than guilt by association, for me, is unlike you; the deep thinking artist I came to admire each morning as I eagerly read a new entry.

Other than that, man... I am a HUGE fan of your blog!! Cheers! ☺

I still say Gibo FTW!!! lol

PILYO said...

gibo is the most qualified candidate for the presidential post.

but his superiority far outweigh the hidden agenda behind by that "lady" in malacanang.

i want to see "her" behind bars, when noynoy wins.

Elias Jayson said...

the queen and the aunt. difficult position.

gauxves said...

i'm voting for g1bo, joms, because i know he'd do good to this country despite the fact that GM-A is their party's undisputed leader... but you know i think it's safe to vote for Lakas because all the vipers have jumped ship... g1bo is an alumnus of my high school, therefore i feel a strong kinship with his goals, visions, and values... and if ever he loses this election, i will still be one of his avid supporters...

daniel said...

I'm sorry, I'm still not sure whom to vote this coming election, but its definitely not gonna be Villar. : ) I adore B.Fernando by the way..All the way!

Anonymous said...

g1bo does not stand alone. i for one, with my shadow, stands by him. :)