Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Bathhouse

After Soltero

Epitome (Two)
Fullmetal Dreams
April 23, 2009

Smoke from the sticks of incense begin to clear as my eyes get use to the unlit surroundings. Man-like silhouettes and shadows attempt to block my passage. These specters belong to wanderers like me, who find themselves lost in the maze leading to the dark room. I wade through the pitch black corridor with caution, for everyone was poise to grab my crotch. Some daring souls would breathe heavily behind my ears as they rub their boner against my leg. Hands are everywhere and realizing the passageway is a dead end; that only an abyss and predators await at the end of the narrow walkway, I turn around to follow the faint light from the open-air garden. There, some men chatted while guzzling a bottle of Colt Beer. They spoke of work and their carnal victories inside the bath house. I tried to eavesdrop but when I sense lustful eyes and devious smiles turning towards my direction, I slowly step my foot backward to begin my tactical retreat.

There is no safe haven at the heart of the fuckfest.

I knew what I was going through. It was a Wednesday evening and according to Discreet Manila Blog guide to Epitome, the theme of the bathhouse was Skin Night. It means all guests are provided with just a towel to cover themselves. Underwear is not allowed so one has to improvise as to how to keep his crotch from being exposed.

The gym towel would never fit a waistline bigger than 32.

I took my clothes off and placed them inside my locker. Lucky for me, I was alone in the room (aside from the attendant, who I suspected to be a PLU as well) so I could walk naked without anyone prying their eyes on my junior. I tried to wrap the towel around my waist but it won't fit.

"Fuck, paano na ito?" I panicked. Even if I could boast having an impressive built, it was never my intention to show off to those who had better-looking bodies than me.

By sheer act of desperation, I was able to cover my jewels while walking towards the gates of Hades. What appeared to be sounds of moaning which I heard while stripping off to my baby suit did not come from boisterous men - too eager to announce their act of breeding. The sounds came from the wide-screen TV at the middle of the viewing room. It played a hardcore m2m film as several naked men sat around to watch. The viewing room serves a double purpose. Since the room is well-lit, guests could check each other out. No one caught my fancy so I resumed my exploration by descending the steep flight of stairs leading to the ground below.

If the reception area on the other side of the bath house and its connecting lounge were empty, the ground floor of Epitome central was teeming with lean, sweaty bodies as far as the eyes could see. Since it was skin night, nobody in their right mind would dare show up exposing their rounded tummy or sagging man-boobies there. Most had broad shoulders to boast, a flat tummy or a firm chest to show and a pair of biceps to flex and impress the guy they want to hook with. It was a gym bunny's paradise whose only requirement was a beaming smile, a confident approach and a fast hand to grab one's stiff birdie.

But there were serious risks involved in such place where sex and orgasm were easy. Contagion was very possible. Being aware of the troubles I'm getting myself into, I applied very strict rules toward my engagement with others.


No bare backing.
No cum swallowing.
Bukkake is forbidden with anyone.

Frottage and oral sex should be restrained.
Masturbation should be done using one's hand.
Kissing is reserved only for the guy I'd cum with.

One round is enough.

Of course, I don't do bare backing and swallowing with strangers, but to be on the safer side, it would have been better if I'd remain a mere observer.

Temptation however tells of a different story.

Somewhere in the gym area on the ground floor, I caught glimpse of a muscular guy doing dumbell curls in front of the mirror. His towel lay on the bench as dozens of passing guys look down to get a view of his shortie. I cross to the other side where I hope the shower nozzles and the jacuzzi would cool down my body heat. Placing my towel on one of the pots hanging near the pool, I took a dip only to get out when some men tried to get in.

Walking past several couples making out in the dark, a bald guy appeared out of nowhere. "Dun tayo sa taas dude," he said to me in a whisper.

"libog na libog ako sayo eh." His voice was cold as ice, I smiled and followed him upstairs.

We entered a small cubicle and locked the door from within. He moaned as I pinched his nipples and nibbled on his neck. "Not bad," I told myself. At the back of my head however, I am sensing something brooding about this person.

Restraint must be applied at all cost.

He stopped stroking my cock and sensed my sudden lack of interest. Smiling, he told me that he wants to get a third wheel. Someone we could double-fuck together, I presume. We left the cubicle only to be greeted by men waiting for their turn to get in.

The place was suffocating and it felt like a haze is blurring my vision.

Knowing the dangers lying ahead should I follow my first catch, I allowed myself to be swallowed by the darkness and let the bald guy find his way back to the place which spawned him.


Mu[g]en said...

One year later and still, there's no sign of him prowling in the dark.

Felipe said...

kadiri naman diyan sa E eh (narecognize ko sa map). Minsan may daga ka pang katabi sa garden. And the staff is medyo rude din. I miss CB. :D Tagal na akong di nakakapunta sa batis. more than 2 years na. :D

Mu[g]en said...


Honga. Medyo nakakadiri yung mga cubicles. Naalala ko, parang andaming mods. Lol.

Advent said...

wow. last time i've been there was 5 years ago.

Herbs D. said...

sounds like a trip to a haunted house to me. thrilling yet scary.

Mu[g]en said...


There's actually a bathouse called the Mansion. Unfortunately, methinks they're not open anymore.


That was a very long time ago eh? Sabagay a year after your last trip was my first trip to Club Bath.

SOLTERO said...

awww...is there a part 2? more! more! hhhahaa :)

JR said...

oo nga, oo nga...part 2 naman dyan! bitin! ang libog lang hahaha

Mu[g]en said...

Soltero and JR

Actually Part 2 yan ng 3-part serious about my last trip sa BH. Hahaha!

Mga manyak!

Mac Callister said...

wow,dahil sa post mo para tuloy nakapasok na din ako sa bath house...

kasi la ako balak pumasok jan haha atleast thru your post may nalalaman ako,


Mu[g]en said...

Mac Callister:

Hehehe. Pasensya na. Saka na lang ako magkukuwento ng buo pag nakapasok uli ako ng bathhouse.

arkin said...

haha. im such a baby. i should try going to these places. mashado akong pa-virgin sa wensha

Mu[g]en said...


As they say, proceed with caution. Hahaha! Welcome to my blog!

Knoxxy said...

Pumunta ako sa bathouse before. pero im a bit weird. kasi i went there with someone hanap lang kami ng place to stay and fuck the night away. interesting experience, pero i would be worried a bit fucking anyone there.

thecuriouscat said...

nacucurious talaga ako sa lugar na 'yan. wala lang, kase alam ko d ko mapupuntahan yan hehehehe