Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Social Experiment Pt. 1

Getting laid every so often would have been very easy in Planet Romeo. Averaging a hundred views everyday, it is not surprising to get a sex invitation once in a while. I get rejected from time to time, but most guys there are drawn to my naked, muscular pictures that even though I don't show my face, they still offer their homes for some quickie fun.

Knowing how difficult it is to fight the urge, I get around myself by - well - stroking my buddy while making arrangements with the other guy. You ask details like does he suck, does he enjoy long foreplay, does he fuck good, how big his dick is, will I have to bring rubber, etc. Peppering it with some slutty talk fires up the other person, while, unknown to him, I am bracing myself for some spectacular explosion long before the deed is supposed to take place.

Clicking the x button while cleaning the sticky mess on my fingers , I'd tell myself, "sorry dude I already came, look for someone else."

I don't know how jerk I was for leaving the guy with a bad case of blue balls, but just the same, relieving myself without the trouble of having to make contact with another person gives me hope of doing it with someone who would at least treat me with affectionate considerations rather than just drop me as his one-time whore.


arkin said...

that's a good move. its safe. and its really really safe :)HAHA

its ok to be selfish every once in a while

Eternal Wanderer... said...

isa kang tuksong tandang.

(tanslation: cock-teaser)


somelostboy said...

the guy on the other line may be doing the same thing too:))

SOLTERO said...

awww...mind-porn can be very hot! :P

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Soltero: tara, mind-porn tayo.



Guyrony said... dirty and filthy...

So disgusting and immoral.

I wanna join!

Yj said...

sure na... na-view ko na yung profile mo, hindi ko lang alam na ikaw yun... :)

connected 24ever ako sa PR e ahhahahaha andaming laughtrip ang mga profile.... very entertaining... yaiy

Elias Jayson said...

mary palmer is still the safest ally. :D

~Carrie~ said...

Well, I hope one day we'd stop experimenting and start applying what we've learned from these experiments into our relationships.

Ternie and Soltie... Bagay! Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

i get-off on being treated like a one-time whore. lol

Lady Gaga said...

and after all this time, I thought ako lang ang gumagawa niyan! hahahahaha.

in fairness, diba tipid siya sa enerhiya! hahahahaha.

diyos ko, kung nabubuntis lang ang palad ko, diba?

Dhon said...

i agree.. love making is sooo much better than sex :)