Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Social Experiment Pt. 3

Let us take a look at how some guys branding themselves "trippers" get other people's attention in cyberspace.

First order of business is to acquire a digital camera. It doesn't matter if it's a DSLR, a 10 megapixel Sony Cybershot or a VGA camera phone made in China. The important thing is to have a medium to upload one's photos in dating websites such as Manjam or Planet Romeo.

Next is to take off one's piece of clothing. Exposure of the skin is important to get noticed. The path towards a lustful encounter appears only when a guy's imagination is stirred. Some men go to extremes to nail their point. They show off their throbbing member or post pictures with previous partners in arousing positions as proof of their sexual prowess.

However, most trippers content themselves by posting images of their well-sculpted bodies, which is the result of months (if not years) of labor in the gym. Aided with diffused lighting and proper angle techniques, their photos achieve a "wow" effect leaving viewers breathlessly glued to their profiles.

Refraining from posting face pictures help achieve maximum viewing pleasure. Some men reason that they do this for security reasons. (because they are not out, because they have names to protect, etc.) Others do it for the mystery effect. While I suspect that the reason for such cover-up is to mask their apparent lack of self-confidence, the truth is, most guys who show their face photos upon request appear more visually appealing than those who blatantly include their faces in their profiles.

Personal introductions and blurbs also matter in getting other people's attention. The language used may provide hints as to what their real purpose is for putting up a profile, their degree of masculinity, and even their level of education. Jejemons abound, of course, especially among the younger members. The older ones appear more serious in settling down with a partner. The blurbs reveal their urgent need upon going online. Most are searching for hook-ups. The rest are there to kill time, while hoping to find a sensible guy to chat and get in-touch with at a later date.

While this social observation is limited only to a portion of gay men, it is easy to understand why a big chunk of the rainbow population have decided to abandon the website altogether. First is because of competition. How can a chubby, lanky or effeminate guy compete with gym gods when the gym gods speak only to those who have the body built to rival theirs. Second are the various conditions set by other guys before speaking to another person. There is the ever famous "can I view your face pic line?" even when they are the ones sending a private message. The insanity doesn't end there. Some would have the balls to ask for photos even when their profile never included theirs. Third is the sex-only policy. While doing it with strangers swiftly address the urge, not everyone finds the activity pleasurable. Some are seeking activity partners, (in its most platonic sense) others are in need of companionship. While it is understandable why most people avoid complicating matters in the website, the fleeting encounters become tiring after quite some time.

1. AlainScott 27. May. 2010 - 02:04
hi! san ka sa sampaloc?

2. SSR 27. May. 2010 - 02:06
sa may balicbalic. Ikaw?

3. AlainScott 27. May. 2010 - 02:09
sa tayuman ako.
got face pics to trade?

4. SSR 27. May. 2010 - 02:12
yeah. whats up?

5. AlainScott 27. May. 2010 - 02:13
not much.
here is mine
yours please?
what are u up to?

6. SSR 27. May. 2010 - 02:14
Sir Mendoza?!?!?!

7. AlainScott 27. May. 2010 - 02:15
huh? sino yun?

8. SSR 27. May. 2010 - 02:16
Don't tell me its not your pic pare. The photos you've shown was my professor in college.

9. AlainScott 27. May. 2010 - 02:18
hehehe. sorry. i got those pics in fb.

10. AlainScott 27. May. 2010 - 02:18
im very discreet. i don't post my own pic.

11. SSR 27. May. 2010 - 02:20
so why the fuck did you ask for my facepic?

12. AlainScott 27. May. 2010 - 02:21
sorry just trying to get your pic. you have a nice bod kasi. so hot!!!

Finally, after so many deliberations, I have come up with four considerations before most trippers engage someone on a physical level. These are arranged according to importance:

1. Good Looks
2. Athletic/Fit Body Built
3. Manliness (Masculinity)
4. Intelligence

Looking at a hindsight, it is not surprising to find so many fakers and pretenders living their illusions in that website. They dwell on such high level of pretentiousness, they already lose their sense of value of the people they get to meet.

With this in mind, I have become weary of the people sending me private messages. You will get used to the culture. You will lose your deeper reasons for reaching out, and if not for applying the most stringent methods of self-control, turning meet-ups into a score would have been my ultimate goal.

I have ignored people on a wholesale basis. (because they can't match my athleticism, because of their request for face-pic long before they get to read my profile, because I don't find their looks appealing, because they are jejemons, because their existence depend on the number of guys they sleep around, because they are so full of themselves, because they are too good-looking, I will never stand a chance) My penchant for getting bored easily has manifested itself in the way I exchanged private messages with those who have already caught my attention.

The swift passing of everything, grounded by my ever-increasing fall-out with my once confident self has dragged me to the brink of self recovery. Putting back the pieces, and replaying the events that drove me to find solace there, I am beginning to accept that I could live without ever dropping my feet in that place again.

After embracing the spirit of what Planet Romeo for me has come to be,

I've realized:

The reason why the less manly, less sexual, less fit and less pretentious ones get to enjoy an easier life is because they have never forgotten their humanity - even when the likes of us have built walls and fortresses to keep people out

While believing that there's always another guy to keep our short span of attention, endless cravings for lust, or our perpetual need to explore constantly sustained.


SOLTERO said...

as for me, i only consider 3 things; and i agree on your 1-3.

intelligence? nah. as long as he can say, Hello, yes, and can make sounds, it's fine by me! hahaha :p

(i'm such a moron lols)

Guyrony said...

The fact is, people become delusional even for their own good.

Shakira said...

@SOLTERO: moron is not equal to horndog. you're not a moron. ahahahahaha. ako rin, hindi moron. hee hee.

so, ito na ang sinasabi ni Mu[g]en na makakasagot sa aking "problema". (wala akong problema! hehe.) so, yung numbers 1 to 4 pala ang kailangan. kaya pala hindi ako bumebenta e. wala ako nung lahat. ang marunong lang ako ay umungol. HAHAHAHAHA! narinig mo yun, soltero? I can make sounds. hee hee. :D

eon said...

i'm not going to lie. i treat everyone in the site as a commodity, the same way i feel that i am treated there.

Eternal Wanderer... said...


if i'm not mistaken, i think i know that alanscott :P

jp_cardinale said...

hello kuya idol! :)

men with brains really turn me on. syempre mas better kung complete package na. but still i like someone who makes sense.

naloka ako sa coincidence! si sir ernie pa talaga nagamit..haha.. i bet your talking about the younger one..;)

Mu[g]en said...


I'm afraid its Ernie denying himself out of fear of being discovered. Checked his YM account. He's older than he admits in the site.


There were rumors already floating that he had a lover shortly before we left the university. Nagising talaga ako kaninang madaling araw. Haha.

Mu[g]en said...

Boying Opaw:

Under consideration yang ungol ungol na yan. Paano kung ungol babae. Turn off.

Mas maganda kung may kasamang murahan. Hahaha!


Itapon mo ako sa bathouse, ang number one consideration ko eh mukhang madungis at barakong barako. Yun lang.

Mu[g]en said...


Sometimes you will begin asking yourself,

Does it have to be this way all the time?


That's why its better to meet people in the dance floor. Mas madali ang process of elimination.

jp_cardinale said...

yup,there are still rumors about him. he even played a gay role in the last faculty show which by the way turns out to be so natural.haha.;)

Mu[g]en said...

JP Cardinale:

Haha. So it was possible that I could have done something with him last night...

... And brag about the whole shebang to our batch. Nyahahaha!

Pero the thought. Escapes my mind.

Désolé Boy said...

i hate them "trippers"


kxe pinaibig nya ko..ninakawan ng virginity at pagkatapos pagsawaan...tinapon sa basurahan!
hehehe.. bout the undying question of which do you prefer??hipon or lollipop??

arkin said...

owel, its not surprising to see a lot of fakers in PR. stiff nga naman ang competition. it's just sad that these guys are forced to wallow in their pretend world because they are never good enough for our standards.

Mu[g]en said...

Desole Boy:

Each and everyone of us could be a tripper. I think and act like one, so long as I don't involve my feelings. Lol.

I would rather prefer a hipon than a lollipop. Somehow, there is beauty in imperfection.


That's why sometimes, it is best to unburden yourself to an effeminate. They understand, all the time.

Yj said...

ay bakit wala ang size sa list? choz

dapat kasi cam to cam nalang para real time... :P

at feeling ko si Prof talaga yun, nagdahilan nalang kasi nga kilala mo.... yaiy

Mu[g]en said...


Bonus na yung size. Kung walang kuwenta naman magperform. Balewala rin!

Abangan ang aking supplementary notes. Hahaha!

Johnny Cursive said...

nice post bro!

mas mataas ang priority ko sa utak. Di ako makatagal sa tanga. Hahaha.

mas ok nga kung sa personal na magka-kilatisan kesa sa online para tanggal hassle. Madali na ang yes or no. With online hookups, the "maybe" is the bitch. Maybe he's goodlooking, maybe he's not, maybe he's dumb, maybe he's a fag, maybe he won't like me -- kalurkey! At least kung personalan agad mas efficient ang transaction. lols.

It's not impossible to nab a great person from online though. Sometimes you get to meet really good friends too :-)