Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Social Experiment Pt. 2

It boils down to the same point. Text, meet and then good bye. That is the bittersweet reality that everyone should realize as far as everyone's concern. Don't be too hopeful that there's a truth and sincerity beyond this site.

Nikeboy, 20 years old.

I remember a time when it was possible to meet guys online and expect a wholesome eyeball. You meet people for a reason - whether for a drink, to lend an ear, a stroll, or a big favor that needs an extra hand. (not the one we do on our private time, silly!) We do these things and earn the goodwill of the other person. Contacts were seldom severed. Seductions barely happen. All is fair in a platonic encounter and the prize maybe is a lifelong friendship with the person you met.

But my wanderings reveal something new. Fleeting encounters have become much more common. Friendship is replaced by lust and its easier to say "sex tayo, " than say "hello." I know these things for I have embraced their values too. Just by looking at my past, I have ditched so many, erased numbers after crossing lines and severed ties after emotional fall outs. For all I know, these defensive retaliations were only practiced by me. However, after reading so many profiles in Planet Romeo - from guys warning fakers and those with hang-ups to back off, from hotshots telling their potential lay to keep things uncomplicated - to guys who are just tired of the same, stale cycle of fuck and go, and a handful of uninstructed still hoping to find their significant other, you know that there is a collective void in that place.

Sometimes, to thrive there, one must learn not to feel...

11. nikeboy 23. May. 2010 - 15:35

12. SSR 23. May. 2010 - 15:36

13. nikeboy 23. May. 2010 - 15:38
can i drill you? you have place?

14. SSR 23. May. 2010 - 15:38
Thanks dude but I don't do it with kids. Sensya na.


thecuriouscat said...

after the eyeball, after may nangyari, often times, wala na at magkalimutan na then move on sa next ka-eye-ball, ganun na yung nangyayari mostly, cycle na lang siya

Guyrony said...

Drill you?! Man that's painful!

The insanely addictive cycle of hook-ups.

One temptation leads to another.

It's carnal bingeing at its best.

Herbs D. said...

"remember a time when it was possible to meet guys online and expect a wholesome eyeball"

no shit. omg. i never knew that even existed!

SOLTERO said...

if not for the gay social networking sites, i would probably be still so far inside the closet, satisfying my needs by just jacking off to the pages of Playgirl magazine bwahahah; to some extent, i feel for the PLUs before the advent of the internet.

Mu[g]en said...


The advent of internet changed everything. I was asking my superior officer (who's a fag hag long before we were born) and said gays in her time were flamboyant and ultra effeminate. Nowadays, you can't tell the difference between a straight and a non-straight.

Told her, to be safe, assume all good-looking guys gay, until proven otherwise. Lol.


Yeah! Ten years ago, there was an urgent need to connect. Nowadays, its all about disconnection. Hahah!

Mu[g]en said...


That's why you use such privilege sparingly. I agree, one temptation leads to another, that's why I take it as a victory not to fall into the trap.


I'm learning.

~Carrie~ said...

I like the term: carnal bingeing. Oh, primal needs.

Rihanna said...

hay nako noh! yang Planet Romeo na yan! walang kwenta!

maglolog-in ako ng 9PM ng gabi, 4AM na ng madaling araw wala pa ring nagrereply sa akin! lahat ng "users online", pinagme-message ko na pero wala talaga!

diyos ko, sa mga oras na yun, kung may isa man na maisipang pagtiyagaan ako matatakot din pagnakita ako dahil pagkakamalan akong adik. kayo ba naman humarap sa kompyutir ng mahigit anim na oras sa kaka-message ng paulit-ulit. tignan lang natin kung hindi rin kayo magmukhang adik.

Mu[g]en said...


Carnal bingeing... paano ba yan, diet ako hanggang sa live meat. Lol.


Yung third installation ng social experiment ko ang makakasagot ng dahilan ng iyong problema. Gwapo ka naman ah!

Rihanna said...

oist, Mu[g]en! hindi ako gwapo, masarap ako. ahahahahaha!

at sino ang nagsabi sa iyo na may problema ako? ahahahahaha. ;-p (smiley na nagwiwink at dumidila)

Désolé Boy said...

my first time...


my story exactly! ganon na nga lang ba talaga? to quote a friend 'eat and run'

arkin said...

ang mga kabataan talaga ngayon. tsk tsk.

ok na ako sa Maria Clara dress ko inside the closet.

Mr. Brightside said...

uber delayed comment... would you like to go out for coffee and chat about whatever? ^_^