Saturday, July 18, 2009

Astral Connection

Now that we remember well and remember most clearly: It is when we grasp someone's hand and hold it tight is the only time we surrender ourselves for something that is most intimate.

It is the only time we openly expresses our affection.

Kisses can always be given without any feelings, but it is when we connect with the hands is the moment we are secured the most.


"Next time na pigain mo ang etits ko, sisikmuraan kita."

"Sorry na."

A few minutes later, the dance partner excused himself to go to the bathroom.


"Are you a bottom?"

"Why" the guy asked grinning.

"Coz I am always the top. Never will I become a bottom."

Surprised at what his next dance partner had revealed. He grabbed the guy's shirt and dragged him towards the darkest spot on the dance floor.

While making out, the dance partner asked if he wanted to sleep over.

"Sorry, I have work today. Next time perhaps?"

"Umalis ka na." His dance partner commanded

"Why? I'm still drinking your beer?"

"May pasok ka pa diba?"

Smiling, he drunk the bottle's remaining content in one gulp. With a final kiss planted on the cheek of the dance partner, he walked away from their spot and into the exit without turning back to look at his abandoned prospect.


gillboard said...

was that you?

Aris said...

napaka-pamilyar ng mga eksenang ito hehe! :)

Jinjiruks said...

parang sa BED

Knox Galen said...

Gillboard: Told you, I can be a little nasty if I wanted to.

Aris: Hehe, sa ibang dimensyon ito nangyari parekoy.

Jinjiruks: Sa katapat ng BED.

<*period*>; said...

katakot ka aman palang magmaldita..tsk


Sabi ko na nga ba, magkakonek ang astral connection sa astral projection. :)