Friday, July 10, 2009


"Lakas ng ulan. Ingat ka diyan."

Learning from past affairs, I doubt if such text was intended for one person or was it a general message to everyone. Habits tell that I only send text messages directed to a specific person as a gesture of sincerity. I include names to further this aim. To receive one, without my name makes me weary of the message. It puts me in a position to reply in a carefully worded manner.

But what the heck. I am an open city after all.

"Haha sarap maligo sa ulan. Mdyo ambon pa lang dito. Malamig. Sana kayakap kita. :)"

Five minutes and still counting,

I haven't received a reply.


PS: Shortly before publishing this entry. He did reply. It goes something like this.

"Oo nga malamig. Sarap may katabi." Too much caution and neutrality in its tone, I wonder if I should read it between the lines.