Thursday, July 16, 2009


"Bakit naman?! Ikaw pa? I took your advice to the core and I'm glad I did: Fencer and I are very, very good friends. Siguro, he just doesn't want to label it romantic, but I couldn't be happier."

"Ako I learned to backdown kasi napapansin ko sa kanya when I was in my usual stiff self. Sabi mo nga, take my time. Three days kong tiniis na di tinawagan at tinext then on the 4th day nagbago ako ng tactic."

"I played by ear kung ano gusto niya which is to just be calm, relax and breezy. I have learned to wait, to listen to him, to be coboy; to eat sa mga kanto, to appreciate his likes, ganun."

"Nung Monday pinakilala niya ako sa anak niya. Pumunta kami sa Makati Cinema Square kasi bumili ako ng cd. Dinala ko sila sa Booksale. Looking at a hindsight, nakita kong bumili ng playboy. Hehehehe."


Let us go back to my friend's dilemma which I wrote in the entry "Carrot and Stick" last month. For those of you who remembers, my friend fell for a gym-buddy whose real sexuality remains at large. My friend doesn't know whether the guy is straight or gay, and despite his open expression of romantic feelings, this guy still sticks to his company.

One downside of their closeness is that my friend saw his continued presence as a green light to pursue his gym buddy. Who wouldn't fall for his trap - the guy would insist that they eat lunch together, or accompany him in his workout most of the time. Smitten by his charms, my friend would follow him without raising any question.

The cycle went on until complacency brood between them. I cannot recall what triggered his attachment but confusion began to shake my friend's perception of their friendship. I told him some guys would like to be chased until the pursuer breaks off. Depending on how prolonged their carrot-and-stick or cat-and-mouse game lasts, sometimes, the one being chased becomes alarmed when the pursuer stops chasing.

The friend followed my advice. He stops chasing. The guy becomes alarmed. He was never prepared to lose a companion. Their relationship was overhauled. Friendship overwhelmed my friend's romantic attraction. In return, the gym buddy opens up to my friend and allows him to enter his world. The last time I've heard, he's already the guardian of his gym buddy's son who is studying in Ateneo.

Do I sense a happy ending?

My wish is for theirs to be a lifetime bond.

And so one good outcome smiles at someone while one hopeful romantic is beset by tragedy. In my circle alone, I've heard a friend break up with his partner of six months only to patch their broken bond two days ago; another friend, who became entangled in a three-way relationship last month decides to call it quits despite his wish to find a happier resolution to their doomed union; while another friend, who claims to be a late-bloomer suddenly wishes to be in a relationship. I told him to remember the failings of those around him so he would slow down a little in his quest to find the one.

Let us see in the future blog entries how each of their stories end.


Prince CLOUD said...

how bout your friend who...?

nah never mind. lols

The quest to find the one. i like that.

parang online RPG game lang.


Prince CLOUD said...

how bout your friend who...?

nah never mind. lols

The quest to find the one. i like that.

parang online RPG game lang.
pero bago mahanap, sandamakmak na monster ang kakalabanin, sangkatutak na level ang dadaanan. tapos yun palang kasama mo sa pakikipaglaban sa tabi mo, yung nag Hi-heal saiyo at nagpapahiram ng espada nya pagnapuputol ang saiyo, sya pala yun The One at hindi ang prinsipeng ililigtas nyo dapat

haha, nagkwento na ako.


Knox Galen said...

Prince Cloud Halatang ikaw ang romantikong tinutukoy ko ah! LOL.

<*period*>; said...

hindi ko alam kung bakit, pero kinikilig ako...whew

Knox Galen said...

Period: Sabi nila may pag-asa daw sa pag-ibig. Sa mga susunod kong entry, malalaman mo kung saan nagmumula ang mga takot at pangamba ko na maglayag muli.

Jinjiruks said...

@off topic
halatang gamer ka talaga. yung mga hi-heal mo eh. curaga iyon. sabagay mas sweet tayong mga gamers kasi. dba knox. haha!

@on topic
hayz, ako rin me sariling story na inaabangan. nakaka-relate ako sa three-way relationship. parang suspended animation ako ngayon at hindi ko alam kung may sasalo ba sa akin sa pagbaba.

gillboard said...

love is all around ngayon ah... eh ikaw joms, kumusta ka naman?

Anonymous said...

just took your word and modified some: sharpened my skills to study his love and life language.realized that love isnt so much about my feelings alone, but the other as well, its a mutual thing, a bilateral transaction.maraming silent negotiations, truces, compromises, accommodations na nangyayari.
but more importantly, i have learned to get a life, afterall he is married,well, uhm, not legally though, but may sabit.i have learned that HE is not sun by which my life should happy now with him around, but to the core, happier because i havelearned to love myself more than anyone else.sabi nga ni becky anonueveo, " tao ako, bago babae..", chos! hehehe

aik said... says I would love to use this in a fictional twist on his current project "ON BORROWED WINGS"

Aris said...

hayyy, love! sa kabila ng pagiging komplikado, lagi pa rin tayong nakikipagsapalaran para dito. i hope everybody gets his own happy ending. :)

Niel Camhalla said...

Be safe. Be friends. Cue in Lilet song...

jeszieBoy said...

"sometimes, the one being chased becomes alarmed when the pursuer stops chasing."

sana lagi nlng ganito para masaya..