Sunday, July 19, 2009


It must have been the intensity of our affection that is the bane of our failed romantic pursuits. For no matter how we try to put into words the misfortunes of our heart, we are still able to get even with the guys whom we desire.

The past two nights of wild (and costly) abandon have proven that it takes some courage to attract the presence of another. We may not belong to the "league of selected few," but with the right attitude and pheromone-driven projection, the chance of conquering our ideal market remains infallible.

There is nothing to prove and nothing to grieve anymore. We have been redeemed.

It is now time to turn around, learn and leave our ruthlessness behind.

The Diva
O-Bar, Malate


Anonymous said...

This inspires me to continue my Il Postigo posts.. to serve as a reminder of the lessons I've learned..

MkSurf8 said...

nice! i'm glad you've reached this point.

ayan marami na tayong nakarating ng turning point/inflection point/cusp.

we all learn. and there's no turning back ;-)