Monday, July 6, 2009

Eye On The Tiger (Episode Seven)

[19:51] eltigre: hahaha prang firstday of school

[19:51] knox galen: hehehe

[19:51] knox galen: ang baon ha

[19:51] knox galen: wag kakalimutan

[19:52] eltigre: baon hahahaha

[20:15] eltigre: alis na ako muggs c u if i get there

[20:15] knox galen: ingat

[20:15] knox galen: baka maligaw ka

[20:15] knox galen: eh hindi ka pa makauwi

[20:15] eltigre: :))

[20:15] eltigre: baka kamo mabahag buntot ko

[20:16] knox galen: haha

[20:16] knox galen: dare!

[20:16] eltigre: shit

[20:16] eltigre: kung di sa eclipse san ako mag gygym ayoko na dun talga

[20:16] knox galen: fitness first?

[20:16] knox galen: hahahaha

[20:17] eltigre: eeeeee

[20:17] eltigre: mas lalo

[20:17] knox galen: :D

[20:17] knox galen: go tiger

[20:17] eltigre: ok c u hahahah amdami ba tao pag ganito oras

[20:17] knox galen: pakita mong taob kaming mga tiga eclipse sa bagsik mo

[20:17] knox galen: medyo

[20:17] knox galen: hindi ko sure

[20:17] eltigre: hahahaha

[20:17] eltigre: baliw

[20:17] knox galen: pero andun naman ako eh

[20:18] eltigre: hahaha

[20:18] eltigre: hindi na kita intayin no

[20:18] knox galen: text mo nga lang ako

[20:18] knox galen: pakita ako dun

[20:18] eltigre: nakakhiya

[20:18] knox galen: OA

[20:18] knox galen: magkalimutan na

[20:18] eltigre: ok lang kaya ko to makikita mo na alng ako nag bibihat

[20:18] eltigre: bubuhat

[20:18] eltigre: hahahahahah

[20:18] knox galen: magkalimutan na tayo

[20:18] eltigre: talgang stock holder ka dun no

[20:18] knox galen: pag hindi ako nagintroduce sayo dun

[20:19] eltigre: langya

[20:19] eltigre: seryoso

[20:19] eltigre: ?

[20:19] eltigre: seryoso ba yan

[20:19] knox galen: JOWK

[20:19] eltigre: kilala kabang si muggs dun?

[20:19] knox galen: hindi.

[20:19] eltigre: J

[20:19] eltigre: manalo

[20:19] knox galen: yup

[20:19] eltigre: ok

[20:19] eltigre: intayin kita pero wag kana pumunta pag dating ko kaya ko to

[20:19] eltigre: first day of school talga

[20:19] eltigre: byers

[20:19] knox galen: magtext ka pa rin

[20:20] eltigre: ok sir

[20:20] knox galen: :D

[20:20] eltigre: hahaha talgang kailangan i text ko

[20:20] eltigre: ok bago ako umakyat tetext kita

[20:20] knox galen: sige.


Six months of uninterrupted yahoo conversations, punctuated by some occasional flare-ups and mood swings, which almost lead to a fall-out a few weeks earlier after blocking his access to my account and we're back to our warmest receptions once again.

The issue was overlooked without acknowledging each others fault and the grumpy behavior which he showed was quickly forgotten - in recognition of the bond that forged this friendship. Our passion lies with iron plates, and in the course of this association with anything that is about bodybuilding, we realize each other's potential by challenging one to outdo the gains of the other.

In many ways, it could have been a mutual admiration pact.

Tonight, the online acquaintance status gives way to a more personal contact. Negotiations over membership fees and dungeon amenities a few days earlier resulted to a gym transfer which will be signed into a contract an hour from now.

El Tigre will become a gym buddy.

It will only be a matter of time before the two of us finally gets to meet.


Knox Galen said...

Houston, we now have visual of the Tiger.

<*period*>; said...

hmmmm,,san ba yang eclipse na yan, makapagmember..hehehehe

Knox Galen said...

Period: Meron sa Mabini at sa Shaw. Magbubuhat ka na?

MkSurf8 said...

hala! may magaganap na sighting na nga!

bro tama lang ang pace talaga. ;-)


ika said...

ok naconfuse ako dun. diba si tiger ung straight na kachat mo dati pa? Or did I miss anything.

odin hood said...


dencios said...

hay.. speaking of buhat katatapos ko lang mag buhat.. hehe

o ingat sa inyong pagkikita! enjoy

Anonymous said...

miyaw... miyaw... LOLs

WV: wided

Knox Galen said...

MkSurf: Yup ayos nga yung pacing. Bukas eh magkakaabot siguro kami ulit dun. Hehe.

Ika: Siya nga! Straight na straight pa rin. :)

Dencios: Meron na akong ka-sparring sa pagbubuhat. Ehehe.

Knox Galen said...

Utol: Next time tatawagin ko siyang Miyaw sa gym. Hehehe.

Odin: Raaaar ka diyan.