Wednesday, July 29, 2009


There are some games that you play with your lips; some, you play with your prick; but when you expose your heart in the open field, the game becomes a little different.

At the back of your head, you feel that you've already lost - long before the battle has begun.


The Prospect Known As Serendra says:
may lakad kase ako ng gabi sa megamol
kung pede ka.. kita tayo after lunch
lapit ka ba sa shaw?

Knox Galen says:
text text tayo
along shaw lang work ko

The Prospect Known As Serendra says:
san ka nakatira? sta mesa ba?

Knox Galen says:
santa mesa

The Prospect Known As Serendra says:
open pa tin ba yung invitation mo sa akin na pumunta sa bahay nyo?

Knox Galen says:
oo naman

The Prospect Known As Serendra says:

Knox Galen says:
kelan mo plano?

The Prospect Known As Serendra says:
kung pede ka ng afternoon tomorrow , sabihan mo lang ako. i just need to be at sm megamall by 6:30pm

Knox Galen says:

The Prospect Known As Serendra says:
malapit lang ba bahay nyo sa shaw?


A part of me wanted to back-off, a part wanted to give it a shot, and a part insist that I should enjoy the ride and see where it would lead to. But with all the flashbacks of being abandoned after a tryst running inside my head, I can't help but hold back and consider my moves very carefully.

"Admit it, you like him more than just an object." A voice inside my head said.

"Yes... But the thing is, where would this lead to? I don't even know what his thoughts are about me."

"Then why do you have to worry?"

"Because I already wagered my heart. I don't want this to end up with him telling me its all just for fun."

"A friend told me I'm already battle-scarred, the other one thought I am already jaded."

"But showing this side tells otherwise. I won't declare a work holiday just to see him."

"Would he give in if he doesn't like you as well? Would he?"

"It is as if you don't know them. Most boys see sex as sex and nothing more."

"But you see it that way as well right?"

"At least I cut my ties immediately after I got what I want. I don't try to be human when its all about us getting laid."

"Then who's more cruel now?"


MkSurf8 said...

ano ba yan? bakit laging hapon lang sya available? ano tingin nya sa inyo merienda cena? o di kaya 3 o'clock habit? LOLz

Jinjiruks said...

ganun naman talaga lagi. kelangan mag sex muna bago malaman kung love ba talaga.

Knox Galen said...

MkSurf: Ako kaya ang hapon available. Sana man lang overnight yung hiniling niya. Gusto ko naman mayakap for a change. :)

Jinjiruks: Not really dude. Mas maganda kung tropa na kayo at nagliligawan bago maganap ang sex.

gillboard said...

"At least I cut my ties immediately after I got what I want. I don't try to be human when its all about us getting laid."

-kung babae siguro hanap mo, dami ka na panganay... hehehe

pie said...

why not try insisting to have a harmless date first--in fact, three dates, before going to bed--that way, you get to know him and he gets to know you. then let everything work from there.

just sharing something i read from "boyfriend 101". worked for me. :)

Bagong Adan said...

jomski!!! haha. ano ba itu. karir kung karir ka nanaman. natutuwa ako. lolz.

Knox Galen said...

Gillboard: Sisiguraduhin ko na meron akong kapote. Ehehehehehe.

Pie: HOW I WISH! kaya never akong nakikipag-date, lahat ng naging date ko, malamang sa hindi, sa kama nauuwi.

Carl: Na-miss kita! Karerista ako, maldita pa.