Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waps 3/G4M GEB (First Part)

Ganito kami nagsimula at kung hindi dahil sa biglaang tagpuang iyon, wala kami ngayon.

June 28, 2007

Dear Meng-meng,

You always tell me that everything changes. Yeah, for three years, I did ignore your statement hoping that things would remain the same. Unfortunately, it all fell apart this year. Things really change. As a matter of fact, I can feel that the changes are happening really fast, I don't even know how to cope up with it.

You taught me that there is unity in diversity. There is, and for the past three years, my life revolved around the different facets of being a PLU - from the effems to the closets and to the ultra-masculines. This past few months alone, I've been associated with the most masculine of our brethren; the types you would outrightly consider SMK* in our native language.

I woke up this evening, thinking what tribute entry to write about you. I've talked about the past. I talked about the future, and I'm considering talking about the present Outsiders, when I saw two text messages on my phone when I picked it up. It was an invitation and guess where it came from.

Lately, I've been involved with some guys from Guys4Men who doesn't prefer posting their face-pics on their profile. If you were here, I guess, you would consider it a trend nowadays. Paano ba naman kasi, pag katawan mo ang nakalagay sa profile, mas mukha kang paminta. You know the drift. I think it's working for those men and guess what, they are indeed masculines in person.

Our friend Roy can attest to that.

They invited me to a suprise grand eye ball this evening in Araneta. Inuman daw sa Clownz. I know the place as a Comedy Bar and since I don't have any plans this evening, I immediately told my mom that I would have to report for work because of an "emergency conference call." Haha, nagbago na ako ng excuse ngayon waps. Kung nung time natin eh "poetry reading" ang best reason ko para magpagabi, this time it involves work na.

Except that my agenda is really socializing with other people rather than my boss and my colleagues.

Anyway, I got up, took a bath and rode the Purple Line LRT going to Gateway. If you don't know these places, sorry ka na lang. Things happened so fast, Manila is quite different now. I was the last one to arrive and when I saw them, they were chilling outside the bar waiting for me.

Infairness, they were all masculines. I should thank Tagay-Mo-Par for mentioning to me his newfound group during our "inuman moments" at a fraternity-dominated hang-out place near Adamson. I would like to mention their G4 nicknames here, but since I don't know if the meeting was a secret gathering, maybe I should let them spill the beans first.

As the story goes, one of the core members of this group just arrived from abroad. He is working in a Cruising Ship and as a treat to his newfound "brothers," he invited the group for a night out. Actually, I don't belong to the core. But since I have strong ties with their leader, (I act as his secret adviser) I was catapulted into their circle overnight.

Ironically, Clownz was celebrating their fourth anniversary today. So imagine the entrance our host paid for the four of us - 400 pesos each. Pucha, It's been a long time since I had a treat like that. Astig nga eh! It reminds me of my meet up with Macoy last summer and the treat he gave us at Starbucks.

Anyway, Tagay was there too. And like he had always been, he still beams with confidence and charm when I saw him. Don't get me wrong, the "poison" he gave me last time was already gone. Luckily, nothing happened between us. That is why the friendship was saved. They're a fun bunch. The host reminds me of... well, he's a unique case. He said he has a family - wife and kids, and yet still, there is a side of him that desires to explore the life we live in.

Huli man daw siya, he still wants to have a taste of what's it like

to live a life of a PLU.


*SMK - Saktan Mo Ako. A term for non-straight guys who looks so barako
*Outsiders - My other PLU group.