Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waps 3/G4M GEB (Last Part)

"I find it strange sometimes, that when I think of entering a relationship, the first thing I have in mind are the encantos."

- Me to Centurion, IM Conversation

To look back at our past, the first thing I would remember is the never-ending Friday nights at Quatro. That's where our brotherhood was forged right? Whenever I remember the dreamy freezing nights guzzling our beer out there, it's like things never really changed. I don't go to Timog anymore, but still nothing compares to the freedom I felt when we were there celebrating whatever ties we had as a group.

That's what I am beginning to feel this evening. In their company, I felt so at home.

The comedians were absolutely fantastic on stage. The "divas" who performed reminded each and every one of us of a neighbor-thread in G4M that promotes and showcases the best of being transvestites. In fact, this group held a GEB last week, only to be boycotted by the very core of their thread. Nagtampo tuloy yung madir-maderan nila. It was a laugh-trip Waps, especially when I mentioned that the boycott caused a tampuhan among them. And to think they fashioned themselves as the main characters in Encantadia (a fantaserye in GMA 7 last year) To compare theirs to the surprise GEB we had tonight,

At least yung sa amin, walang plano-plano, hindi pa na-boycott. Hehe.

I forgot how many bottles of beer I downed tonight. I don't even know how many trips I did just to take a leak in the bathroom. In between breaks, there were laughter. There was less talk because we were constantly distracted by the performer's punchlines. However I guess, the meet-up planted the seeds of brotherhood among those who showed up.

It was a success, and there's no contention about that.

Alam mo ba waps, most of them had never felt how to have a PLU group before. When I say PLU group, you know, the kind of friendship and brotherhood we had in the Outsiders. Too bad, some of us lost it along the way. But don't worry, the core you left remains intact and I guess it would remain so for as long as I have strong connections with the people you have left. Roy is still there, as well as Papu, Garppp, Goonie and Nathan. I think we can be considered a core already. I've been tagging Roy to every group I am associated with. After all, we've been partners from the very beginning - even before we have met you. Pangako ko nga, isasama ko siya once this new group I belong to forges strong ties with one another.

Sana nga, it could happen.

I still have to reach out to the rest of them since my inter-personal ties are only limited to the leader and Tagay. The host is cool, as well as our other companion who I guess, epitomizes the other guy who has good looks, nice body and masculine demeanor all of us are dreaming of having. The future remains unforeseeable, but in a such a small world like ours, interpersonal contact is bound to happen sooner or later. Who would have thought that in my semi-wild presence in G4M this past few months, I would end up finding a company which will somehow restore order back to me.

By the way, Arj is on a rampage. I wish we could help, but he seems so isolated right now. I will tell you everything when we get to talk in YM soon.

Remember Waps, I still remember the past. And our lessons, which I still treasure today passes on to every group that I am associated with. You are a fine example of what a very good PLU friend is and if you were here right now, I guess, the Outsiders won't disintegrate as it did.

Looking back, I still remember how I met you on a rainy evening of August four years ago. I just came from a funeral - my Lolo's funeral feeling down and desolate. Bes Goonie and the rest were at Starbucks Rob Place and you were there, just smiling back at us. You were just in a corner there, observing our activities.

Who would have thought that many months later, you would become our center. The only person who connects to everyone who finds a home in the group called Odders.

That past would never happen again, but the friendship and reaching out you shared with us, is what I tell to my friends in PEx and my new group in G4M. [The pex group had their anniversary last Saturday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend.]

Until we meet again wapo.

Thanks for the memories.

Yours truly,

Knox Galen


gillboard said...

nagiging pakialamero lang.. pero sino si meng meng? hehe

Knox Galen said...

Gillboard Barkada ko sa isang grupo (Outsiders) na nasa US na. Meron pa rin kaming contact hanggang ngayon.

Anonymous said...


Jinjiruks said...

"had never felt how to have a PLU group before."

iba talaga pag me grupo ka na nasasabihan ng mga frustrations, etc sa buhay.

Knox Galen said...

Rain: Thanks sa poster. Mwahugs!

Jinjiruks: Nah, hindi naman laging sabihan ng frustrations ang nangyayari sa amin. It comes later, kapag mataas na ang tiwala niyo sa isa't isa.