Friday, July 17, 2009

Dark Hours

A Repost
April 13, 2008


At past 2 in the morning, a white cab speeds along the lonely stretch of MacArthur Hi-way. Its destination brings its passenger far away from home and much closer to the unknown. It was a last minute decision; a call he has made in order to calm his heart and hold his soul in place. A few hours earlier, the passenger's lover called. He asked for support - to buy medicines for his mind mediated malady. Fearing the worse, the person on the phone agrees to the lover's request. His dedication unquestionable, he even made an hour-long post-midnight trip to fulfill his promise a night earlier than the lover had expected.

Inside the cab, the passenger exhorts muted prayers while his fingers run across every bead of his candy-blue plastic rosary. Huge, sixteen-wheeler trucks run past his vehicle; a motorcycle swerves in front of the cab; the driver droops close to slumber while trying to keep his taxi on the right lane of the road.

Between love and fear; in his bitterness and cynicism, all the boy could ever mutter to the world was...

Every act of sacrifice has its corresponding reward.


Luigene F. Yanoria said...


Jinjiruks said...

involved kba dito?

blagadag said...

still living in your past. go over it. move on.

Aris said...

hayyy, ang mga bagay na gagawin natin sa pag-ibig. :)

Knox Galen said...

Luigi:Past is past. Yet, this past still haunts me.

Jinjiruks: Nakaraan ko po yan.

Blagadag: If only moving on is easy. I am just preparing you for a realization that I will post at the end of the month.

Aris: Pesteng pag-ibig yan.

<*period*>; said...

ang sarap mo namang magmahal