Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ménage à Trois

The level of sexual activity among the three members may vary greatly. Some threesomes may involve one who has a voyeur role, sometimes the invited member is there for enhancing the experience which does not involve having intercourse with the couple role (this is sometimes referred to as soft-swinging); other threesomes may involve some same sex contact, while others may actively involve all three members. Some people have made the argument that if the act does not involve sexual involvement between all three members that it is not a threesome at all and could be more accurately called a double team. This would be when two members of the threesome engage with one person but not actually with each other.

Some rules the uninstructed should keep in mind when engaging himself in a threesome act.

1. A role must be set before joining the act. A top is the top and a bottom is the bottom. Versatiles do not count for there are chances when the versa will compete against the bottom for the top's attention.

Especially when the top proves far more interesting than the person he is set to fuck.

2. Learn well and do remember that one has a very likely chance to be left out when the two members find liking each other. A threesome is a cruel game and should be exercised only by those who have the guts to accept his hierarchy in the group.

Or when the three find intense attraction among themselves.

3. Humility doesn't count when mood and drive are at stake. If the host gets to be the one who is left out, do remember that he will keep grudges against you no matter how cordial you have become to him.

After all, not only did you steal his partner. You even rejected the role he was expecting of you.

4. Engaging the members in subject not relating to sex (like cussing and moaning) during the act kills the mood completely. They don't want to hear what your suggestions are about how to firm up one's biceps nor your reasons for not performing well in the threesome they were serious about.

5. No matter how much effort you put to pretend liking both your partners, birdie will always speak the truth. If it doesn't stay firm when poking it on someone, you know what it means.

6. Threesome is a game that must never be taken seriously. There will always be losers and winners.

And it will be far better for you when you end the game in a draw.

7. Always use protection (even when the sadistic top insists that you do it bareback) and no call back after the act is over.


Pressing the reset button
one thing is for sure.
We do not deserve to be taken seriously
nor one should never listen when we
speak our thoughts of
settling down with the one.

Tonight, I set myself free.


<*period*>; said...

awwwww..knox galen, isang super hug...

gillboard said...

sex para sakin eh dapat sa pagitan ko lang at ng mahal ko.

Lyka Bergen said...

You sound like an expert. Knox! (Naks!)

aik said...

http://aikcomo.blogspot.com says this is like a run down from expert village. wow this really makes sense and I wonder how many Ménage à Trois' have you had to count? Hhhhmmm me wonders


haha. Three-way or the other.

Knox Galen said...

Period: Thanks dude.

Gillboard: Nothing beats having sex with someone you love. But since love is impossible at the moment, to play around is the next best thing. (or should I say, a struggle to keep oneself sane and free)

Lyka Bergen: Kung alam mo lang ang mga katangahan ko. Kaya nga may entry na ganito para hindi ko na ulitin ang mga katangahan ko.

Napapaghalata tuloy na newbie ako.

Knox Galen said...

Aik: Judging from the lessons I've learned from this entry, it only tells one thing.

I'm proud that I'm not still a pro.

Acrylique: I'd still choose the other. This one: wild. senseless. fuck. The other can always develop into something more intimate.

john stanley said...

i agree...

red the mod said...

I remember. Pulsar and his quest for validation. And the two jerks who hurt his young impressionable heart.

'Sorry pare. Di ka namin pareho bet.'

Love truly is a battlefield (cue Jordin Sparks), but sex is a mindless massacre. The lessons have been well-learned. And the voice of integrity resonates. Never again.

gentle said...

hehehe. i echo the reaction of the previous ones who made comments : the post looks like it came from someone who's had his dissertation on said subject. mabuhay ka knox! :)

gillboard said...

scratch what i said about sa mahal mo... kahit pala di mo mahal.. basta may.. oomph... hehehe... pero basta kayong dalawa lang...

Knox Galen said...

Gillboard: Gaya nga ng sabi ko, kapag laro, laro lang. Kapag dalawahan, may chances na maging seryoso. Lalo na kung pareho kayo ng pakiramdam (Libog aside) ng kapartner mo.

Gentle: I had to. Marami akong katangahan na ginawa eh.

RedtheMod: The pre-engagement reminded me of the "Market Crash of June 07" I kept in mind what happened to me and my vow never to pass such burden on others.

Integrity? I doubt if I still have one.

John: Agree on what parekoy?

Niel Camhalla said...

rules? i can't wait for someone to break them.

Knox Galen said...

Neil: You can try. :)