Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Patty

A romantic engagement is like frying a beef patty. The box where it came from includes an image of the prepared dish. Garnished, it would seat on top of the plate surrounded by diced carrots, green peas and mashed potatoes - which often comes with the box. The image teases the senses. It conjures thoughts of the tender, juicy patty slowly dissolving in your mouth.

Being a slave to your hunger, you pick up the box, rip its contents and slide the patty on a frying pan. It doesn't matter whether you know how to cook or not, you just want to see the patty on a plate. Impatience, would leave you cooking the patty on high heat. You even forget to saute the cooking oil first before sliding the patty in.

As a result, the patty gets burned on the outside and yet remains uncooked on the inside. With its taste so disgusting, one makes a dash towards the nearest toilet just to dump the portions already chewed. Then comes the epiphany. The cook realizes that everything was done too fast, the final dish turns out to be inedible.


There are those who would cook the patty in low heat. Granted that the cook never forgets to saute the cooking oil, the flame would let the patty simmer, its flavors settle, and the hard slab of meat dissolves into a tender juicy piece of art. It takes patience and culinary maturity to achieve this kind of creation, and the final dish, appears far better than what the image on the box would suggest.


Looking back at what had happened last night, it seems that I burned a patty once again. Putting the stove on high heat, I fried the slab of meat in a very rushed manner that I overlooked what dish I have in mind.

I woke up early this morning wondering whether what happened was really a dream, a botchered booty call, or a mutual likeness that I have to allow to simmer or abandon in the days to come.

No wonder, they never let me cook at home.

For not only I burn the dish I am cooking.

I never learn from it.


june showers said...

unless you buy the ingredients yourself and prepare the food according to your taste you can never be sure about ready-to-cook meals. but even if you do so with utmost care employing years of experience in the kitchen and cooking you still fuck up sometimes wondering how the expert in you could have gone wrong.

taste is relative and cooking is fun and exciting. practice makes perfect, right? but also be kind to yourself along the way. allow for mistakes, many mistakes to happen. every attempt is a learning experience to make us better not bitter cooks. sabi nga ang pagkain na niluto na may pagmamahal ay sumasarap kahit matabang o maalat minsan haha.

keep smiling, joms; keep loving, keep living.

Anonymous said...

*HUGS* minsan ang leksyon hindi natututunan sa isang upuan lang.

Tiyaga at pasensya utol ko. Andito kami for you. ;)

WV: pallydr

Jason said...

baka kasi sa loob-loob mo talaga,you're in a hurry sa pagluto kaya nasusunog mo sya..

ang pagluluto, sinasamahan ng tiyaga sabi nga ni d beat...

most important syempre, dedication at love


Niel Camhalla said...

Mahusay na analogy.

Pero mas tumatak sa akin yung last statement.

"I never learn from it."

Isa sya mga statements na nagtatransform sa isip ko kapag binabasa. Ito mga halimbawa ng transformations nya:

"I never learned and never will."
"I don't wanna learn from it."
"I should have learned from it."

gillboard said...

sorry to hear about your burnt patty.

red the mod said...

I remember our conversation yesterday kuya. Realized my words were resoundingly relevant to this story. All is well I hope.

argunn said...

what words would fit to soothe the ideals and dreams and cherished hopes crushed by reality? there are times we tried to abandon these baggages yet this are the very life jackets that keep us afloat, inspite of everything.

but at anyrate there is so much to learn, so much to do.

Anonymous said...

i agree with neil,

there are things a that we'll never learn and there are those that we refuse to learn but i always believed that there is always a next time.

Jinjiruks said...

hmm. sa sobrang pagmamadali na kainin ang patty. hindi siya tuluyang naluto nang maayos. hindi kita masisisi sa bagay na yan.

lalo na pag matagal ka nang gutom at gusto mo nang kumain.

Jerick (the former Curbside Puppet) said...

turuan kita magluto. tara, akyat tayo sa antipolo.

Yj said...

at ang pagluluto, kailangan may halong pagmamahal.... :)

<*period*>; said...

isa lang ang masasabi ko po..welcome to the club!hehehe..pwede ba kita i hug?hugs..muwaaah

aik said...

it happens... it always does. self preservation equals you ending up alone, and just maybe waking up in a dream?

for you luv, keep moving on: if its in the hurting we master the pain so be it, the moments are priceless.

we just have to master this effing thing called "relationship" darn!!!
am back to square one.

Allan said...

though, sometimes, it's not that we don't want to learn, it's just that we don't want to do what we have learned...