Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Little Spot Of Paradise

Because all we need is to believe the impossible and the universe will compassionately share its wonders.


Sitting undisturbed for a hundred suns, Ram Bahadur Bomjom meditates under an ancient tree. Lodged between its massive roots, this 15-year old boy defied human limits by not eating or drinking for sixty days. One Western journalist witnessed how Bomjom sat motionless despite the bitter cold weather one night. Supporters even claim that he was able to withstood venomous snake bites twice without dying.

Waves upon waves of devotees pay him a visit every day. Tucked deep inside Nepal's remaining untouched forest, civilization laid claim to the grounds he only borrowed. The pious see him as the reincarnated Buddha - the soul who found enlightenment after years of solitary confinement, while detractors claim that he is merely a hoax. His brothers and supporters profited handsomely from his superhuman feats.

The Discovery Channel ran a documentary about him last week. I was able to watch a portion of the program and saw, with my own eyes, how Western media tried to disprove his claims. In the end, it appeared science was unable to answer the mystery behind his endurance. The credible accounts supporting his validity was too difficult to simply ignore.

The ignorance of the materialistic world only reasserted itself, as it tried to make sense of what the boy was trying to prove.


Across the television screen, in a darkened room next to my third pillow, I lay comfortable in my bed. Trying to figure how Bomjon was able to last that long without crumbling, only three epiphanies ran inside my head.

the boy meditating,
the ancient tree behind him
and his undying faith in the cosmos.

Minutes before I slid into a deep trance known as sleep, I was able to unlock my own Nirvana.


Teban said...

Indeed western science cannot fully grasp and explain eastern experiences.In psychology, the eastern countries are highly advance in their concept of consciousness.

(But I would say for now, our science is still not able to measure or understand it.)

red the mod said...

This is the err of man. His free will fails to acknowledge that divinity is not defined by religious affiliation, and reason does not dwell on science alone.

That certain things must be accepted for what they are. Sublime translations of Higher Being.

Ironic that a boy was able to accept this, while a knowledge channel on cable couldn't.

dencios said...

kahit kailan pakialamero ang science. may mga bagay talaga na hindi pa rin nila kayang i explain

citybuoy said...

he looks so calm. i almost feel envious. no wait, i am envious. haha

maybe that's all we need to do. believe that there are things that cannot be explained. the universe is a wonderful place. i just wish i could have even a little bit of bomjon's calmness.

engel said...

they say love will keep us alive..

i say it is your faith. =)

Boying Opaw said...

one word: yummy!

I say, "he is yummy!"

xtian1978ii said...

oo nga Engel, siguro your body will respond kung ano pinaniniwalaan mo

Herbs D. said...

omg. i'd tap that- yum! hahaha
i love it- better start living in the forest then

Niel Camhalla said...

Bilib ako sa kanya. Yung kaya nya mag-isa (pero hindi nag-iisa). Konti lang may kaya nun. Marami sa atin may akala na kaya natin pero sa kaibuturan natin, approval pa din ng iba ang habol.

Pangalawa kaya nya kontrolin ang katawan at isipan nya. Kahit na pinaniniwala sa atin na normal tayo magutom o malibugan at normal din na pagbigyan ang sarili, sa tingin ko iba ang paniniwala nya. Normal siguro sa kanya kontrolin pati tibok ng puso nya.

rudeboy said...

@ citybuoy : "he looks so calm"

What a difference perspective makes, eh? He looks stoned to me hehehehe.

citybuoy said...

@rudeboy ~ now that i think about it.. yeah, he does look stoned. magic mushrooms?

Knoxxy said...


rudeboy said...

@ citybuoy : Mystics have not been above using substances to achieve a...higher state of consciousness.

I'm betting hashish. Cannabis at the very least.