Sunday, November 1, 2009


And so we declare, that from this day forward we shall never go back to Malate. Except when we are invited in BED, or when we do have extra money to wallow on its sacred grounds. We shall, for the month of November, open our doors to seducing the opposite sex in dance clubs we avoid with much aversion. Yes, we will declare ourselves prepared for tripping. We shall go clubbing and have fun with the ladies, hoping that their reception shall provide us company we now enjoy when we find ourselves lost in the dance floor of O-Bar.

We just lost our phone. Blame it for getting fucking drunk.

And for unfortunately meeting a friend's date, who ignored our friendly inquires the last time we found ourselves in PinoyG4M (Tanginamo, huwag na huwag kitang makikita sa inuman ng mga Encanto!)


Multiple choice.

A. Mang-rape ng bading na may extra cellphone
B. Bumalik na temalats at mang-nenok ng telepono ng iba
C. Magbalik-loob sa Globe at magpa-line ulit sa kanila
D. Gamitin ang Credit Card para maka-kuha ng bagong Nokia

But seriously, I am in no condition to set funds for a new phone.