Monday, November 23, 2009

Once There Was An Expedition | Mirrorball

We curse the day we learned to harvest words
for it is the same words
which make us think less of our letters.

Now that our works are bound to
be dismembered in the literati grounds of Diliman,
We wonder if we could keep up this fight
or shall we call a shameful retreat
like we did the last time we
found ourselves encircled by our own enemy?


"That is good investment. Get your MA by hook or by crook because you will not regret it." Dr. Magsasaka said in his text message.

"So please don't fail me."

It took me half a day just to figure how to compose the first few sentences of my first assignment. It's a 500-word essay introducing ourselves to class. The workshop began last week. As in nosebleed yung essays ng mga classmates ko! Even my best entries would look inferior to their works.

During that same workshop, I was contemplating of withdrawing the subject again. That's how scared I am to join Butch Dalisay's Class. I will learn a lot from him, that's for sure, and compared to other professors, he does not have a name for being mean to his students.

So I began writing my first essay and it took around two hours to finish it. I wanted to be as truthful as possible while putting a dose of humor so those who will get to read a revision of my life would find it dysfunctional in a good way.

I'm done with my essay and its now under the care of Red the Mod. It sapped what remains of my energy and this venting out aims to release the pressure such exercise in creativity has accumulated. The moment I submit it for academic revision, there's a possibility of slowing down my blogging activities. Blame it on the workshop. Better yet, blame it for the trauma. I'd depress myself to death thinking the grammar police are out to get me.


Herbs D. said...

dont worry. we're still your fan :)
cant wait for gogo lessons!

. said...

write to express..not to impress

even if it's butch dalisay

instead of being uberly good

he will just look into the heart and essence of the essay

so what if the classmates wrote impressively?

what's the assurance that their works are indeed close to their hearts?

knowing butch dalisay's way of writing, he would rather have a piece of junk that's full of heart than an impressive work who's main objective is just to impress

it's not just about making a good impact as a first impression

because most of the time, first impressions are wrong

~Carrie~ said...

All the best in your studies, Joms. Your skills and passion in writing will get you ahead of your peers in that class. If they write from their heads, you I think write from the heart.

Yj said...

how you could think that your writing skill is inferior from others, na students pa din naman, is way beyond my comprehension.....

go...Joms.... show them what you've got.....

blagadag said...

relax ka lang. para ka namang virgin. alalahanin mo lang yung sarap para di ka manerbyos. ganun lang yun. at wag mo kaming talikuran sa blog mo. lam mo naman na marami kang fans.

iurico said...

good luck, dude! All the best for you. But i hope u wont be taking a hiatus in updating ur blog. Yours is one of those i look forward to reading - Kahit nasa office ako at may boring client meeting. Hehe

gillboard said...

nanotice ko yung trend na pag slow down or pagkonti ng blog updates during this season...

anyway, good luck with your essay!!!

thecurioscat said...

you already know you're good at it, don't be too hard on yourself

dabo said...

mag-cocomment pa ba ako hehehe.. nasabi na nilang lahat.

i love this line of yoursm it could be a great title:

"a revision of my life"

Niel Camhalla said...

Ako naman ito line ang gusto ko:
"We curse the day we learned to harvest words"

Comments on writing from the heart:
I'm not saying sentimentality and melodrama is not important. When overdone, it sounds contrived, formulaic and mechanical, heartless even.

Good luck sa workshop. :)

Anonymous said...

you don't have anything to worry about galenbro.


wanderingcommuter said...

hay naku nagpapapressure ka lang... i bet, mas magaling ka pa din sa karamihan ng mga classmates mo... akala ko magkikita tayo ngayon sem kaso nasa kabilang building na ako e... hehehe

f. jordan said...

Sir Butch was kind to us in the Duma workshop. Wait, you're taking up MA writing classes?