Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Hope that when time comes, friends who joined the new company celebrate their promotions and salary increases, I would find myself celebrating with them. Just like what the HR of the new company promised when she was handing down the job offer, I'd find myself promoted...

Here in the company I decided to stay.

With all the responsibilities, compensations and benefits I turned down, all in the name of faith.

Retention, September 22, 2008
FullMetal Dreams


A client call was set yesterday. As the new liaison for special accounts, our South American counterparts required my attendance. The job position, a rank unheard of in the company just a few months ago was created to accommodate my promotion. I had to be put somewhere when the assistant team leader returned from her infantile duties.

Or else I would get demoted.

The training was nerve breaking. I had to sacrifice long working hours just to keep up with my trainer. I had to shove myself to the officers because some thought, secretly, my presence was unnecessary. They could do the job themselves. Proving my right to exist was a struggle. At the back of my head, I am being paid for something everyone could do. I am redundant. So when errors were committed as my training progresses, the disappointment took a heavy toll on my already questionable sentience.

It was a snail-paced turnaround. I had to stick with the graveyard shift for sometime against my body clock's wishes. Hearts are easily won from those who already saw you as an officer before. Their team leaders were more accommodating - especially the assistant - who was once your buddy in the morning shift. I would look after his back when his superior enjoys his off, or write him emails he would send to the clients for correspondence. Save for some tiny blunders, which the trainer highlighted to me, I ended the nocturnal campaign winning the acceptance of many.

My obsession to prove my worth had put me dangerously close to stepping into the authority of others. It was an observation relayed to the trainer, who already warned me that I was a loose cannon firing at the wrong direction. I returned to being her protege a week after going solo in the night shift. It was under her umbrella that I wore my own jacket. And from her fortress I launched my own way of doing things, (with her approval of course) which sealed my fate and put me in the same league with the other officers.

The training paid off and my job position remains needed for now. Aside from being a bridge between the center and the client, my previous ranks allowed me to rotate from one job to the other - something, some officers might find difficult to match due to their limited experience or for staying too long in a position that is too high:

Once an agent, can always return to being an agent.

An Officer-in-Charge wears his sleeve when Team Leaders are not around. Thank heavens for putting me in the right spot when my ATL took a leave of absence. I am able to apply the same principles I did on her floor now that I can rotate from one shift to another.

My familiarity with the product allows me to produce "materials" in aid of the agents. The maximum exposure in the instructive nature of the trainer let me copy her methods (and improve on it) when agents needed immediate coaching for the account.

In the absence of self doubt, I could do much more. It is a passion I cannot deny, and the more I learn, the eager I am to show my wings. But from the lessons painfully learned from the trainer; and for keeping my humility in the presence of agents;

I will always be reminded that all glory is passing.

"Good job, Galen"
- The Boss, on our way to the elevator.

And that I should enjoy every sunshiny moment while keeping my feet on the ground.

One year ago, a huge mistake almost cost us a new account. I took the blame for it and for several weeks, I was depressed with my job. It didn't help that my ATL wasn't sympathizing with my struggles. I was trying to be fine with my new-found independence, I was getting sick almost every week because of Throatie, and the client - the same client I am serving now - could never forgive my stupidity.

Resignation was my last resort.

And new job offer was waiting for my signature.

I sought Mami Athena's permission. I thought she would convince me to reconsider. But no, she understood that I am always free. That I deserve a chance to rise up and lead others. Her recognition was my downfall. The day she set me free is the day I decided to stay.

Time passes without me knowing. The company that was about to accept me closed down. Three months after I moved to another shift, (so I would never see the same pregnant ATL who unconsciously, pushed me to resign) I was requested to return and be trained to become her temporary replacement. Three months of being an "effective" floor leader, two months of boot camp training with Mami Athena and here I am, finally fulfilling a promise that was written before.


red the mod said...

Sic transit gloria mundi
-Lat. Gone is the glory of this world.

This has been my mantra for the longest time.

Galen said...

Red: I understood it as "All glory is fleeting." A reminder that every high is just but a temporal state.

xtian1978ii said...

enjoy it while it's there, we'll never know what happens next, I should know

xtian1978ii said...

hindi ka pumasok today? :(

Galen said...

Xtian: That's what I'm keeping in mind. Kaya ayaw ko rin maging mapagmalaki.

Mamaya men. :P

red the mod said...

Funny how the same words can represent extremely opposing messages. Mine was a direct translation from classic Latin that I came across during high school.

Such a long, naive time ago.

But I agree. Seems your translation is hugely more befitting of the current situation. Its saying that the cycle of fate oscillates beyond our comprehension, and that the adversities today can spell antagonism tomorrow. The same way that one should never rest on one's laurels.

The choice to be better is a lifelong commitment. And as we continue with out individual rat races, we come to appreciate how the temporal affords opportunities to us for such a growth.

Good luck, and godspeed.

june showers said...

if only the word tenacity was deeply rooted in our feeble human psych then perhaps it would be easier for us to accept everything that comes our way (good, bad and everything in between) as a learning experience.

i have a short memory though and my memory card has a limited storage capacity. haha

good job, joms.

engel said...

been there joms. if only i have learned that when i was still in a position.

but that's been done with. =)

Galen said...


The choice to be better is a lifelong commitment. And as we continue with out individual rat races, we come to appreciate how the temporal affords opportunities to us for such a growth.

Its sad that some of us have to spend the rest of our lives beating one another in a never-ending rat race.

However, when objectives are met and complements, for a job well done are received, its like at the very least, we find meaning in a life we choose to live.

June Showers: Short memory span. Weh. So you have forgotten the so many beautiful afternoons you toured me around the highlands? :P

Engel: There's always time to learn. It's not yet too late.

gauxves said...

good luck joms :)

Yj said...

hala ginawan ka talaga ng sarili mong posisyon? hehehehe

ganun ka kagaling papa galen... hihihihihi

good job!!!

Galen said...

YJ: May up and down days. Minsan nakakamiss pa rin yung simpleng ahente ka lang. Heheh.

Gauxves: Salamat dude. :)