Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Teleportation | Dream Journal Twenty Three

Imagine waking up in an unfamiliar white room. Across the folding bed where you slept, video footage of teachers and students parading in a school ground splashed on the TV screen. They were having a foundation day of some sort, but you cannot be sure if your impressions are correct. You cannot think clearly. It remains confusing how you woke up in an unfamiliar place when you still remember the last thing you did before falling asleep.

The next scene rolled. You were in the school ground you earlier saw on television. Everyone was wet, for the skies heaved with rainclouds. There were women wearing clothes reaching their heels. They were taking shelter in one of the sheds scattered all over the place. Some girls in green and brown skirts were running in front of you. You didn't pay attention to their presence because you were trying to figure out what was happening. Walking alone, you approached a group of teens - high school students who were merely watching the event from a distance. You asked the tallest where you are and the reasons for holding a parade.

The details are blurry now, only the word Cagayan still remain in your head.


To wake up in Cagayan after remembering sleeping in your bed in Manila was a mystery you could not explain. You wanted to go home but you don't have any money for a bus ticket. You wanted to call friends but feeling your jersey shorts, you don't have a phone in your pocket. Walking away from the school ground, a strange refreshing sight overwhelms you. Endless fields were everywhere. In the distance, you remember seeing a mountain. The skies were blue and the heavy downpour which drenched the paraders earlier were no more. It was a rustic picture you are looking forward to seeing soon.

Suddenly, someone familiar tapped your shoulders. It was Ewik.

You explained what happened; that the last time you remember, you went to your bed and was looking forward to a long sleep. Suddenly, you woke up in a very strange place, and you never knew anyone except him. Your friend merely smiled before dropping the bomb which would confuse you even more.

That you were in Cagayan all along.

Ewik walked past ahead, the cadence of his feet you could not catch. He turned in a corner and then you heard a splash of water. Next to the bungalow where you stayed, there was a pond and your wandering friend, who was swimming, invited you to join him. He promised to show you the beaches later, but instead of diving and letting the water take away your confusions, you merely stood next to the pond, confused, worried, dizzy.

And then everything became blurry.

The next thing you knew, you're back in your bed and it was already past 10 in morning on your wall clock.


xtian1978ii said...

strange dreams you had, I don't know if dreams have meanings

may mga strange din naman ako na mga panaginip, last saturday nga kakaiba parang may hinahanap daw ako habang lahat nagsasaya

Galen said...

Xtian: You know in your heart what you're looking for. Does it struck a chord that you're relating to my older self?

dabo said...

susko bangungot yan, andyan pala si ewik.. lol =)

hahaha teka di pa ko tapos magbasa

xtian1978ii said...

haay oo pre. salamat ha. just when I needed it most

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I remember in one of Ewik's post about him chasing his own dreams... his own happiness, just because he can. He lives and breathe by himself kasi.

Then you comment... "It's something I cannot afford to do, you are lucky."

Not completely verbatim. Naisip ko lang bigla.

Nasa stage ka ba kuya na you'd want to do things your way na?

Oh well, I'm not the dream interpreter.

I'll go for Dabo's comment... pag andyan si Ewik...


- Poi

anteros' dominion said...

ang panaginip na ang nagsasabi

may dapat kang bitiwan

upang matanggap sa sarili na mayruong mga pagbabago

alam ko na alam mo ang ibig nyang sabihin

hindi mo lang matanggap sa iyong sa sarili ang ibig salitang-PAGBABAGO


Galen said...

Dabo: Susumbong kita kay Wiwik. Humanda ka sa kanyang blog entry.

Xtian: Nalungkot ako nung sinabi mo na parang mas masaya siya kesa sa nababasa mo ngayon.

Galen said...

Anteros: Iniisip ko kung anong mga bagay ang dapat baguhin. Malalaman mo sa mga susunod na entries ang nais kong sabihin.

Poi: Yeah, the scene where Ewik dove into the pond and invited me to join in. That seems to be a powerful metaphor for him diving into anything that seems to be light and fun. Tapos nung nagsabi siya na mag-iikot kami sa "beaches" later tapos ako wala lang. Oh well. Our friend is living example of a happy go lucky guy. Minsan I envy the freedom he enjoys.

anteros' dominion said...

hindi mo na kailangang hanapin.

tingnan mo ang sarili mo

itanong mo sa sarili mo

kung ang mga pagbabagong idinulot ng mga pagkabigo ay sapat upang mas maging mas maging buo ang pagkatao mo

hindi kaya panahon na upang magkaroon ng mas bukas at mas malawak na pangunawa sa mga bagay bagay?

hindi kaya panahon na upang mawala ang higit-pa-sa-pagiging-emo na jadedness?

maikli lang ang buhay.

kung hahayaan nating diktahan ng bawat pagkabigo ang ating bawat magiging hakbang, hindi tayo lalago.

dahil mas inilulubog natin ang ating sarili sa pagkatalo

sapat nang inamin natin sa ating sarili na makailang beses na tayong nabigo.

panahon na upang gumawa ng hakbang para makausad

alam mo kung ano yun

nasa harapan mo

pinipilit mo lang na huwag pansinin

(pananaw ng isang indibidwal na tumitingin sa sitwasyon at hindi bahagi ng sitwasyon)

Galen said...


"kung hahayaan nating diktahan ng bawat pagkabigo ang ating bawat magiging hakbang, hindi tayo lalago.

dahil mas inilulubog natin ang ating sarili sa pagkatalo"

Did my next entry say that I have sunk so low on other matters?

Some glories exact a heavy price. In my case, I had to give up my love life in order to keep a flourishing work career.

wanderingcommuter said...

you just have to dive in. kung mababaw at mauntog ka... dumugo man, tayo ka ulit. hanap ka ulit ng iba pang spot na pagdidive-an. pero ngayon since alam mo ng kapag maalon ang spot ito ay mababaw, maghahanap ka ng mas tahimik na spot (malalim) para hindi ka na masaktan muli...

minsan hindi mo lang kailangan magpatangay sa alon, kailangang mo ding mag dive, lumangoy, mag floating, magbreast stroke o floating... wag mo siyang masyadong isipin baka lalo ka lang malunod...

kay dabo at poi naman... if i know ayaw niyo lang ipaalam na madalas niyo akong mapanaginipan. ako ang wet dreams niyo! hahaha!

Galen said...

Ewik: Hindi siguro ako nag dive sa pond mo kasi malamig ang tubig. Hindi pati tayo kasya. Lolz.

xtian1978ii said...

sorry pare ha, kase siguro may naalala lang ako sa mga kwento doon, i didn't mean it

nag mature ka lang siguro, nandiyan pa naman siya eh, it's up to you kung kelan mo siya i-set free