Sunday, November 8, 2009


It is not about physical attraction to begin with, but with the unspoken connection of the hands, when they held each other under the table. Attachment begins with the understanding of the spirit, when you find yourselves arm locked in a single bed, naked, and sharing one blanket. His arrival at the Encantos' booze party demanded a change of plans. Instead of going solo when friends call it a night, I was in the company of someone, who for some reasons still hold sway over me. We went bar hopping in Timog. Listened to some live bands perform their final set, and drank more bottles of San Mig Light until I felt woozy and on the verge of falling asleep.

He offered to take me home. An invitation I didn't decline. After all, the guy was the last to sleep over and familiarity made him a comfortable sight in my room.

I do not know where this extended introduction would lead to. The heart doesn't wish to speak its words yet. With lingering hang-ups I need to resolve, the question lies whether I could truly stick up with him and give up a slice of freedom or will I remain on the prowl, still.

But after jacking off my horny demons last week
and ditching out the potential one-time affairs out of my lands;
After telling everyone I'm bored with new prospects
while secretly scouting for new affairs.

I cannot deny that his appearance last night was a moonshine moment.

For all the claims of jadedness surrounding this blog, I am still thankful for sleeping in the arms of someone - I secretly wish - will save me from these most turbulent of nights.

No promises this time.
My only word is to stay.


Ngayon ikaw ay nagbalik
At tulad ko rin ang iyong pananabik
Makita ang dating kanlungan
Tahanan ng ating tula at pangarap
Ngayon ay naglaho na
Saan hahanapin pa?

Noel Cabangon