Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Room For Squares

A queen-sized bed made from brass frame
A thick comforter wrapping your naked body
Soft pillows under your head
Earth toned walls radiating soft hues in the morning
Floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking a tranquil cityscape
A Sony Bravia perched against the wall
Bose surround sound speakers sentried in every corners

An Apple laptop resting on the nightstand.

Everybody's free to dream.
Dream big.

Who knows, all of these will be yours.

Yours in spirit,


<*period*>; said...


Mike said...

It's free to dream and I'm hoping that your dreams will be realized. ;-)

Mike said...
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Tristan Tan said...

My friend, I used to only dream of these things - I have them now and more. But, and this is one big but, I wish I did not have to leave to get everything I had dreamed of. Yun lang.

engel said...

i like that dream. sigh.

but nothing's impossible if you put your mind to it, right?

Boying Opaw said...

and the best part of that room is that amazingly wonderful person sleeping next to you, holding you in his arms.

yep, everybody is free to dream big.

Dreaming dreamer,
Boying Opaw


ano daw?


(hulaan mo kung sino ako hehehe)

red the mod said...

In somnis veritas. -Lat. In dreams, there is truth.

Dreams lend our existence meaning and purpose. It is a glimpse into possibilities, the spark that ignites drive, determination and perseverance. Hope keeps this flame burning. Hardwork keeps it steadfast.

It is the guiding light that directs our actions, in the plight for a better tomorrow. For opportunities to allow us the realization of these imaginings. The star that beacons our travails in the endless night of life. Sometimes holding our sanity by the hair.

Seems like dreams is beginning to be a trend. That's a good sign my friend.

Just a nice coincidental trivia; the name Altair is an abbreviation of the Arabic an-nar at-tair (loosely translated "The Flying Eagle") which is the name the Arabs gave to a(lpha) Aquilae, a star.

X said...

How luscious the world is, how full of things that don't belong to me.

Nice post.

Galen said...

X: What dreams are for if everything belongs to us. =)

Red: Life is too dreary that I had to escape to another world just to remind myself that there are bigger things to achieve.

Hope this new spirit of dreaming would keep my soul afloat.

As for Altair, this is his introduction. You might have an idea who he will become. :)

Galen said...

Engkantadya: Hindi na kita huhulaan. Basta alam ko at alam mo na pareho tayong bading.

Pa-kiss nga men. Mwaaaah!!!

Boying Opaw: That will be too much to dream, for it could be granted in reality.

Engel: I once dreamed having this body I can flaunt right now and mind you, I moved mountains just to achieve half of what I desired.

But yes, it is possible.

Galen said...

Tristan: I know, and I sometimes feel your sorrow being far away from those who truly, loves you.

See you soon.

Mike: Maraming salamat dude. Matupad rin nawa ang iyong mga pangarap.

Period: Huwag ngumanga, baka ka magkalock-jaw. =)

john stanley said...

gusto ko rin niyan. inggitero ako. bibili ako mamaya. choz!

xtian1978ii said...

simple lang bed ko, for one pero kayang pagkasyahin ang dalawa. simpleng kumot at 2 pillows lang. I have a macbook pro pero wala ako tv. off white ang wall ko hehe magcompare ba.

here I am again Galen, wishing you the best, in time lahat will eventually come true, not the way you see it but way better

Niel Camhalla said...

Speaking of dreaming, I have a question. After ng masteral mo, would you pursue a career in writing or continue with your current career path? Just curious. :)

Galen said...

Neil: That is something I'm still trying to figure out. Definitely, I have no plans of publishing a book.

Xtian: Actually, sosyal version lang ng room ko ngayon yung pangarap ko. I have a TV and Desktop computer and a small bed sa kwarto ko.

John Stan: Kayang kaya mo yan. Ikaw pa, may Zoom ka nga eh. Hehehe.

dabo said...

the title and visual image alone.. sweet.

go as far as you can see and when you get there, you'll see farther.

wanderingcommuter said...

i love the new ego! i love the new mood! dream and catch it!

Galen said...

Dabo: Lao Tzu yan ah. Ayus.

Ewik: Magtigil ka, ikaw lang nakakakilala kay Altair. :)

Lyka Bergen said...

Creepy! It looks like scene from Paranormal Activity.

Anonymous said...

ang burgis. parang hindi UP. ^_^

anyhow, yep, abby is a good friend. why?

Anonymous said...

sabi nga ni Eleanor Roosevelt,

"the the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

go lang galenbro. ;)

Galen said...

Maxwell: Dreams become a reality when you really put your heart into it.

I'm not sure if my heart is already there. :)

Thanks Maxxbro.

Carl: Sorry, mas attached ako sa The Royal Pontifical University. Partymate ko siya.

Lyka Bergen: Tse! Palibhasa magaganda ang mga rooms niyo diyan sa Frisco. Lolz.

Yj said...

they say that we tend to stop dreaming as we grow older... so i'm glad that there's still that child in you who believes in the beauty and power of dreams....

at para po sagutin yung intrigang binabato mo sa akin (ahihihi feeling artista ako siempre).... pinag-isipan kong mabuti kung sino yung tinutukoy mo at alam ko na... ngggggggggg mali po hehehehe.... yung sulat ay para sa isang blogger na kakaalis lang papuntang US....


Galen said...

YJ: They say optimism illuminates the person who still knows how to dream.

I need that illumination.

Patulan daw ba yung intriga ko. Dahil diyan, iintrigahin pa kita. Lolz.