Sunday, November 8, 2009

Something Like Remembrance

Please always remember,
the world is a big place.

And you have always been an explorer.

Your liberator,Altair


period said...

nakakahawa naman ang mga post mo,,,

anteros' dominion said...

@galen..hindi siya naglahad ng kaniyang mga saloobin. hindi literal ang pahiwatig ng post na ito..tulad ng sinabi ko kay period, nakita ko ang pagdurusa niya. kahit pinilit niyang ikubli.sapat na iyong pambawi

masyado pang maaga para magkaroon ako ng sapat na pangunawa sa mga nasasaad ng iyong mga saloobin

nawa'y makita ko na ang matagal mo nang hinahanap

june showers said...

just a bit intrigued here with altair, your so-called liberator. if memory serves me right it's an arabic name which means eagle. altair is the 12th brightest star in the night sky and the brightest in the constellation of aquila. how did i know about this? i belonged to a team that built a double-hull. very large crude carrier (vlcc) which was named altair.

useless trivia, i know. hehe.

xtian1978ii said...

naniwala ako sa sabi niya, nagbago ako, pero ngayon higit ko kailangan ang dati kong sarili

tama ka Galen, the world is a big place and it will not stop revolving even if your heart stops to beat

red the mod said...
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red the mod said...

It's expanse goes far beyond what our eyes can see, what our minds can grasp its limited comprehension around, and what our hearts is capable of experiencing. It's four corners are vast, and we cast our gaze towards the heavens seeking a landmark in the starry abyss to find our way around its myriad mysteries.

You are an explorer, and despite the choice you made to remain in safeguarding your fortress, you must realize that it is in your nature to wander. To learn. To inhabit and to understand. For only in allowing ourselves to be exposed to the harsh and the unknown that we gain a better understanding of who we are. As social beings, and more importantly as a citizen of humanity.

Even as we decide on the solace of a hermitic existence, we must still return to who we are. Not to regain what was lost, or revisit what once was our consciousness, but to remind us of the lessons we learned. And to remain true to who we really are.

Explore. But, come home.