Monday, November 2, 2009

Moving To A New House | Dream Journal Twenty Two

To see a house in your dream, represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche. In general, the attic represents your intellect, the basement represents the unconscious, etc. If the house is empty, then it indicates feelings of insecurity. If the house is shifting, then it suggests that you are going through some personal changes and changing your belief system.

To see a new house in your dream, indicates that you are entering into a new phase or new area in your life


I woke up this morning believing it was a very bad dream.


Dusk settles when mom and I have finally decided. We will move to a new home in a suburb unfamiliar to me. It was an upscale neighborhood. The rows of houses were painted white and were made of concrete. I remember how the wooden beams above the first floor supported the entire structure. The timber used for construction must have been made of hard wood.

"Ba't nandun sa dulo yung bagong bahay natin?" I asked as we walked towards our new home.

"Yan ang pinili mo diba?" Mom replied

The sloping ground where the house stood lies just at the edge of the subdivision. It was near the forest of Pine trees close to a hill. The house was empty. I recall it having no wall facing the street. The living room, kitchen and dining room were exposed to the elements. I even had to tell mom I'd be spending a fortune just for that part of the house to have a wall. Ascending the stairs, I learned that it had two rooms on the second floor. I remember giving the smaller one to my sister, while the master's bedroom, to my surprise was occupied by three men. They were about to sleep when I barged inside their quarters. The one most embarrassed closely resembled my English professor in college. They assured me they will leave the moment we move in.

Climbing the stairs alone, I finally reached the third floor. It had a single room which lead to the balcony. I had thoughts of converting the open space into my personal quarters since the entire floor, which I suspect to be the attic can be accessed by anyone in the house.

End of dream


gillboard said...

well whatever that new phase in your life will be joms... good luck lang ang masasabi ko sa'yo... baka love life na yan.. hehehe

Galen said...

Gillboard: It's most likely a change in perspective. Nagpahiwatig na ako kay Ewik Wanderer na there are things I have to see with my old eyes. The month-ender for October says another thing.

Not really interested in romance at the moment dude. Perhaps this "moving out and moving in" deals more with my attempt to hold things that are still dear to me.

Let's see how things will shape up for November.

MkSurf8 said...

na insecure ako bigla. mahilig ako sa empty/open spaces. insecure nga talaga ako! =(

i'm having my own renewal too in November. =) wishing the best for all of us =)

period said...

hindi po ako ganun kagaling pagdating sa dream interpretation kaya sa email ko na lang po ipapaliwanag yung interpretation ko sa post mo..

hindi pa kasi tayo nagkakausap ng personal kaya malaki ang tsansa na baka may magreact sa interpretasyon ko

Dagger Deeds said...

I have a friend before, all she can remenber is climbing upstairs. And another person from class (na marunong mag interpret ng dreams) said to her na mag-ingat sa studies. Yung nanaginip, she almost failed that sem... Ewan ko, I don't really remember my dreams eh. Just trying to help.

june showers said...

looking at the positive side of it: just when everything is opening up for you here you are thinking of retreating back to your shell. loosen up man...whatever that means hehehe.

pero sandali lang.

ano tong kababalaghan ang nagnyari at nag-harry-houdini ang celfone mo???

nag offline si red sa ym mo. the offer still stands.

Anonymous said...

buti ka pa, naaalala mo mga panaginip mo, ako, once na narinig ko na yung alarm clock, wala na, breakfast na kagad, hehehe.

Galen said...

Maxwell: Naku, second year high school pa lang yata ako eh nagrerecord na ako ng mga panaginip. Broken English pa gamit ko nun ha. Research mo men yun tungkol sa Lucid Dream. Hindi ko sure pero mukhang eksperto na ako dun. Heheh.

June Showers: Don't worry, I'm not in a retreat mode. On the contrary, I'll try to cover new grounds by changing my way of seeing things. Let's see how it goes. Basta alam ko, subconscious na ang desire ko para magbago ng diskarte.

Thanks for the offer. I got a new phone. Hehehe. Text mo naman number mo sa akin. I'm trying to build my contacts again.

Galen said...

Dags: Hala! Masyado naman yata alarming ang interpretation ng friend mo. Mas gusto ko na yung nakuha ko sa internet. Heheh

Period: Sige subukan ko siyang basahin. Alam ko na kasagutan sa imbyerna mo.

MkSurf8: Nako pareho pala tayo. Sobrang saya ko pa naman sa wide-open spaces. Kung ano man ang renewal mo, nawa'y maging saksi ako sa iyong mga pagbabago.

period said...

alam mo na ang kasagutan sa pagkaimbyerna ko?ibig sabihin may naiisip ka nang solusyon para mawala ang pagkaimbyerna ko?

wow, kamukha ba siya ni shaun rodriguez o louie ang ng survivor philippines? o kamukha siya ng bago kong crush na si nonito donaire?!hahahahahahahahaha

dencios said...

papa joms, lablayp yan mehn...


red the mod said...

I'm no dream-reader so with regards to the subliminal meaning of the dream, and the relevance of the three men, there is little I can offer.

But I am a designer, and what I know, or at least have learned from my practice and reading, is spatial psychology. Wood is a very strong element in the designed experience, often used as a treatment to imbue a sense of warmth to a space. Either as floorboards or sidings, or wall paneling, the use of wood relates to our identification with nature.

Wood used as a structural element however is a different story. Being susceptible to rot and its flammable nature, it declined as a primary framework for residential developments since the 80's, with the outlawing of the harvesting of certain local or endemic hardwoods from being an unsustainable and nonrenewable resource. These days, only those who have the budget can afford to use hardwoods as structural elements. And only when they are reused and are not virgin wood. Maybe pecuniary success is underway?

Also it seems yours is the only house in the block that refuses to adhere to the typical white-wash moderne of concrete and glass. A translation that is often chosen as a superficial understanding of what makes a space modern, and a style contemporary. Which means, you still retain your definitive perspective on things, and will assert what you feel fits you better as a home, and not some picture-perfect catalog a developer spoonfed you with. That's good, your attuned to your heart.

Crossroads are important places. Energies converge and collide, thus creating a flux that is challenging to balance. Usually people who choose to live at crossroads possess a certain confidence about them being exposed so easily to all sides of the neighborhood, and sometimes a certain level of voyeuristic tendencies in that being aware of the other streets gives one a sense of control on things, whether perceived or actual. This is also further established with having an elevated household. Choosing a property on a corner lot entails more stringent setback requirements; which makes the apparent lack of walls and boundaries logical as well. Being at the edge of the community may also be a sign of someone who is in the fringes of what’s socially acceptable. It’s this thin line that PLU’s thread to prevent being judged for their sexuality and not for their character. It is someone who likes to be aware of what the community is up to but being afforded an opportunity to be a recluse whenever he pleases.


red the mod said...


It takes a certain character and personality profile to prefer living in an open and exposed living space. Those who do have a great grasp as to how they want things done, and being able to expose oneself is proof that their home is perfectly the way they want it to be, and can thus proudly show it to others. It also shows a level of pride and sometimes arrogance to live in a space exposed and uninhibited. There is, however, a difference between having a space that is exposed yet enclosed (as in a glass-box morphology) from one that is totally exposed and open to the elements (as in an outdoor living room). Those who choose the latter are the ones living an ordered and hectic life that going home they seek a refuge that is in commune with nature. Somehow, being exposed to the elements gives a certain sense of wander and release that their ordered existence prevents. They are the hippies-at-heart, and finding the rustling of leaves, or the dripping of rain, or the gentle evening breeze far more intoxicating and therapeutic than any technology can afford. A return to the simple life.

Those who prefer to have their personal spaces above everyone else’s are risk-takers. They are not bound by issues of security and expediency. For them, their personal space is something lofty and exquisite. A womb against the harsh realities. Something that must be protected and guarded. The further above the space is, the more it affords a suspended reality. Far from the anarchy below or the pressures around. The balcony is also symbol of commune. It allows one to access nature and the surrounding whenever this connection is sought. It is being able to remove oneself from circumstance, and this exposure to the outdoors affords glimpses of how humble we are against the vastness of the heavens.

Of course, all of these are just speculations from what I comprehend of the space described. Since a visual is inaccessible, my interpretations are hence loose and deductive at best.

As to remembering dreams, I usually do remember my dreams. But these days my dreams are too absurd and disturbing to be narrated as entries.

During Pablo Picasso’s blue phase (most renowned for the Guernica and his Charlemagne series) he would sleep with a key in one hand over a metal basin filled with water. That way, once he falls into deep sleep and dreams, the key would fall and he would be awaken. He would then quickly paint as vividly as he can the dream he just had.

Boying Opaw said...

I don't like change. Well, not always. But most often, I become very comfortable with what I'm used to that change makes me feel...uncomfortable.

Boying Opaw

Galen said...

Red The Mod: I'm impressed of your very detailed explanation as to how my dream relates to design and space. Lets talk about my ideal home over some bottles of beer shall we? :P

As for Pablo Picasso and his blue phase, I think he's doing lucid dreaming to capture, as much details as possible from his slumber visions. The more life-like my dream journal entries were, asahan mo, I wrote it right after getting out of bed.

Boying Opaw Change makes people uncomfortable. Its our natural aversion for unfamiliar elements.

Galen said...

Dencios: Weh! Paano mo nalaman? Lolz.

Period: Meron. Pero harsh ang sagot ko sa tanong mo.

xtian1978ii said...

after ko manita comment ni Red parang yoko na magcomment

Galen, kung ano man ang pinagdadaanan mo dito lang ako, magbabasa sa blog mo, see you next year

Galen said...

Xtian: I said something to Red about his comments on my blog. Somehow, I feel a sense of profoundness when he shares his thoughts.

Looking forward to see you soon, idol.